Hmmm Can a Girl do Math @Google?

I must admit that I am a little tired of the whole subject myself ( I was doing some complicated addition in my head — just plum tired me out) … I know that if I were hiring for a job I would certainly not default to only looking for men and indeed the few times I did have people working for me I had women working for me in tech … I know that I am happy my mother was my mother and that my father was not … to suggest that there is no discernible differences between the genders is obviously nuts … to suggest that because the Lord created us as we are, men and women with the wonderful differences we have is somehow extractable to that one gender can perform better than the other when they put their minds to it is bunk! I think we confuse cultural instincts, some natural and perhaps some embedded over many centuries thru the morals and values of our society, with capability. Society has long taught us that the “man is the breadwinner” and men have been valued and judged for their competitive spirit for thousands of years while it is a relatively new idea that we value and appreciate these qualities and personality traits in our women. Today as a father I am proud that my almost 12 year old daughter is already a budding developer with a great interest in coding and that she and her younger sister train MMA fighting. I suppose a hundred year ago I might think differently and I still worry about how my daughters “look” and how my sons “behave” — these are not bad things, they are just who and what we are and my daughters talk about being fashion designers and interior decorators while my boys dream about being the next Lebron James, Aaron Rodgers or mega tech tycoon.

I would say that if you started with ten boys and ten girls who all dreamed of coding and math you would end up with some pretty damn good developers and maybe some not so good … I am willing to bet men and women would be represented pretty evenly across the spectrum .. i just feel like I do not need any really long term study or PHD infected dissertation to tell me that … it is sort of obvious! Does this really require so much research? Do the uber intellectual guardians of the gender discussion need to roll out all this “research” … hmmm I am always just a little sceptical when someone is trying to intellectually browbeat me — what I can tell you is that my primitive brain does not accept that my sons or daughters have any limitations to what they can become nor how good they can be at what they choose to become other than their own spirit and dedication … but I do accept that only my daughters can become pregnant and that I do not keep a shotgun in the house worrying about who my sons will date (hmmm might need to think about the father of their dates though … ok different deal) and that the consequences of pregnancy is different for them both — and that society tells my daughters that being a stay at home mom has virtue and that there is dignity in that choice if they so desire, my sons do not have that option really available to them from a societal perspective … that day may come but until then my Mom was my mother and she was a great one and my dad was my Father and he did the best he could — I do not think either of them would have done the other’s role all that well. If my mom grew up today she might have pursued her interest in medicine and made a superior doctor, I am sure she would have had she so chosen, she was happy to be a mom and I was happy to have her as my mom — thank God the world allowed her to be one, and thank God my daughter will be able to choose the track she wants when the time comes, and if she does not know which way to go … hmmm maybe Google will have an app for that …

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