List of the Apps on my Android phone

    to keep on the track.
  • Wikipedia
    to read a new topic everyday.
  • Wolfram-Alpha
    it’s my friend not just lines of code.
  • StackExchange
    i don’t know everything in programming or anything, StackExchange does.
  • Slideshare
    reading in relax mode.
  • Quora
    to know more, learn more, or ask more.
  • Instructables
    DIY, i’m a big fan.
  • Evernote
    instead of my memory.
  • Ted
    learn more, learn how to speak.
  • YahooMail
    i love yahoo.
  • WikiHow
    read more, learn more, be great.
  • Sleep as Android
    wake me up with heart attacks, save me from oversleeping or good dreams.
  • Twilight
    reading at night, red screen, my glasses and i love it a lot.
  • Journey
    helps me to change when i see my old moments.
  • Investing
    Economy is the mirror of future.
  • Google Translate
    Offline, and use camera to translate.
  • Think Different
    to think.
  • IMDb
    to guide me to the next movie.
  • WordPress
    to manage my blog.
    to connect my whole digital life with each other.
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