Zeyan Li

Thad Niles


October, 8, 2016

What I Discovered about the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize

Recently, the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize had been awarded to Juan Manuel Santos, the President of Colombia. The Nobel committee praised him for ending up the fifty-two years conflict with the leftist rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). I am not going to talk about the conflict between the FARC and the government of Colombia; instead, I am going to talk about the opinions from people of if Juan Manuel Santos deserves this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. The controversy is that some people do not think that Juan deserves this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. “It is too easy to be cynical. The Nobel Peace Prize has often been controversial.” Personally, after viewing his resume and different people’s opinions, I stand for the point that it is a good idea to offer him the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize, but he does not really deserve the prize.

“Why, some have argued, should people get a prize for simply doing their job? What, others ask, had US President Barack Obama actually done to merit the prize in 2009, other than be elected?” This is one of the most common questions people will ask after the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize. Basically, Juan put his two-terms of being a President to deal with the issue of FARC. Since 2008, Santo, as a defense minister, has ordered his forces across the border into Ecuador and killed the FARC leader. In 2010, he won the presidency with the support of the majority of the Colombia. By 2012, he had several secret conversations with the FARC. As he won the second term presidency in 2014, he put a peace deal with the FARC and announced it about two weeks before this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. After reading those documents, I think, overall, he should be considered as the hero of Colombia since he stopped the long-lasting war that caused massive damage to a country. The question is that does he deserves the prize. This reminds me of a story I read before. It is about why did the committee offer the prize to Obama. One of the committee members explained the reason. Once he was young, he was a pretty bad student, as he was naughty. Then to his surprise, his class teacher recommended him as the monitor of the class. Years later, his teacher explained that it is because he was the one messed the class up; when he became the monitor, he will realize the responsibility of taking care of the class. Ignoring the unfair facts to other students, it is a decent idea to do so. Proceeding from one point to another, they offered the prize to Obama to remind him of keeping peace to the world. So, as Juan is still working on the details of the peace issue in Colombia, maybe this year’s Nobel Peace Prize will be an alarm to him to inspire him. So it might be a good idea to offer him the prize but he does not really deserve it.

There are also other factors support my opinion. In Colombia, only about 49.8% voters support his peace dealing idea, and 50.2% voters voted for “no”; also, there are only one-third of the citizens of Colombia voted for it. People are afraid of the unfair treating after the agreement. So there is still a long way to go for the President Juan. The Nobel Peace Prize will press him to lead to a better situation of Colombia.

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