Zeyan Li

Thad Niles


Sept. 20.16

Interview of Writing Center tutor

Today, I interviewed tutor Ryan Davis in Writing Center.

It seems that since I came to Skidmore in August, I have been notified that Writing Center in Skidmore is really helpful for students to get the advices of writing papers. Personally, English as my second language, is pretty hard for me, especially in writing part. I am keenly aware that , currently, I cannot write as well as native students, not matter concerning grammar or the way to compose the sentences. So firstly, I just regard Writing Center as a place to correct my grammar and to make my article colorful. However, through today’s interview, I learned the function of Writing Center much deeper.

To be honest, I did not make any appointment for this interview, so I just came by and found tutor Ryan Davis. He was not having students asking questions so I began the interview with him.

After reading the task for us, I firstly asked: Is writing center a place for students to correct their English and improve their English expression. Ryan responded that Writing Center is not only a good place for grammar, but also for going through the writing and making the article to be better understood.

Then I asked: I heard that students can get help for their article since they get the main topic of their essay. Ryan said: It is correct, and Writing Center can also help students identifying themselves and help them to get suitable topic. Students can come by at any stages of their articles and ask question.

So I am a little bit confused about it and asked that: for example, I need to write an essay for my math class, how can the tutor help me. I mean how can English major tutor help with academic math essay. Ryan replied that Writing Center also concerns about this so it tries to get diverse major students. So there will also be a Math-English double major tutor or some majors else to help with certain subjects’ essays. We can check tutors’ major online and then make an appointment.

Ryan also mentioned that for English as the second language students, there will also be similar tutors for us, so they can better understand us and fit us better.

Ryan explained lots of details and examples of those functions. After this, he talked about the differences between the workshop and appointment. I missed the first workshop of this year and he encouraged me to join the next one. He also suggested me to join the New Write tonight, since it is the first year of this program and he thinks it will help.

Ryan Davis is really kind and he definitely helped me to be better understood of the Writing Center.

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Note: I am not able to repeat the whole interview so I just cut some parts and use my own language to describe the interview.

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