Hey Miguel,
Christophe Porteneuve

Hi Christophe, thanks for your quick answer. I see your point, it seems to me there is a delicate trade-off between the veracity of the graph, and its cleanness.

One last “rookie” question regarding this example. You worked in the branch oauth-signin, completed the feature and testit it. However, in the merge node that is created when you merge it into master, something could have gone wrong (if the developments in master changed something that you were using in oauth-signin, for instance). In this case I can think of two ways to go on:

  1. Commiting the merge immedaitly, then test, fix the problems, and commit again.
  2. Before commiting the merge, test everything, and fix what needs fixing, only then commit.

I am guessing the way to go is 2., although then the node is more than just a “content merge”. Is that right?

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