Fashion fades, style is eternal | Don’t fall for fashion trends

Words of Yves Saint Laurent, the mother of the classical suit for women. Fashion fades, style is eternal — it is better to buy key pieces rather than fall for every trend going on. I don’t just mean buying designer only to have style either. One doesn’t need to dress in top to bottom designer to be considered fashionable.

Thanks to the globalisation, things are changing so fast. We don’t have two fashion seasons anymore (spring/summer and autumn/winter) and every time I go into the high street stores, I always see different things. New trends are coming in from everywhere and majority of the consumer buy whatever is ‘in’ now. Someone who falls for every trend going on is not stylist, they’re just following.

All trends might be a good idea at the time but its not. It is like mixing alcoholic drinks all night then waking up with an awful hangover and regretting the night before.

Old pictures

Trends die really quickly, have you ever looked back at old photos and cringed? Most of us definitely have, I was even talking about this to few girls on twitter. Now, a while ago, I had dyed my hair very pink. It seemed like an amazing idea at the time but now I’m like “what possessed me at that time?” I can’t forget my blue eyeshadow phase either with pink lipstick *shrugs*


Not all trends suit everyone. Yes, its good to experiment and do whatever you want but…there is a but. I believe crocs were in fashion at one point and that suited no one! Please don’t ever bring them back again. Not a fan of Uggs either. The clear boots might be in fashion now, but in few month time it won’t be and they’re not very flattering either.


Fashion industry is mass producing and all stores have clothes that are alike. This results in people looking the same (not even talking about the harms to the environment). But if one has their own style, this won’t really happen. Stand out, even if it is slightly and not fit in. We have the risk of looking robotic, I mean living in London and taking the tube everyday with the rapid growing technology is not helping this matter either

Having your own style means you will be different, you are not a fashion slave and you won’t be spending a lot of unnecessary money on things you won’t wear in a month. You basically won’t go out of fashion. You don’t have to stick to one style anyway, you can mix it up and also change it. Personally, I have a somewhat style; I know what I like, I know what I don’t like — if there is a certain trends that I like, I would buy it. But with most trends, I stay away from.