Zeynep Tufekci

Thinking about our tools, ourselves. Assistant prof at UNC iSchool. Princeton CITP fellow, Harvard Berkman faculty associate, Sociology.

What Happens to #Ferguson Affects Ferguson:

Net Neutrality, Algorithmic Filtering and Ferguson

Ferguson is about many things, starting first with race and…

How Facebook’s Algorithm Suppresses Content Diversity (Modestly) and How the Newsfeed Rules Your Clicks

Today, three researchers at Facebook published an article in Science on…

Germanwings and Airline Safety: Where the Danger (Does Not) Lurk

Why I was relieved to find out that the Germanwings crash was due to deliberate pilot action.

Make the Most of Your Day

On Lisa Adams, and learning the lessons of life and death.

Make the Most of

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Talking about technology and society as more than gadgets & features. Conversations on social interactions of technology, not just the latest toy or the hottest start-up. Also not the place to write about how to make a little more money or be more productive in your job.

Put Down the Pink Dumbbell

I was exercised by wolves. Here are all the secrets I learned along the way about the fitness industry’s lies.

Ask Not, “Will it Snow?”; ask “What’s the Distribution of Your Forecast?

Istanbul’s Santa Bear says Merry New Year’smas

I’ve left the United States for Istanbul for the holidays, and came back to my country of origin Turkey, a majority Muslim country, but I…

How TED (Really) Works

How one hairdresser behind the scenes, and Émile Durkheim, says more about TED than all the viral videos

That Catcalling Video and Why “Research Methods” is such an Exciting Topic (Really!)

And Why All Data Needs Theory

Ebola: The Real Reason Everyone Should Panic

Our Global Institutions are Broken

The conventional (smart) wisdom is that we should not panic about Ebola in the…

What’s Wrong with Twitter’s Latest Experiment with Broadcasting Favorites

It Steps over Social Signals While Looking for Technical Solutions