Quizlet to the Rescue

We might be far from exam season but if you have a hard time studying because you get distracted easily then let me tell you that Quizlet, an online quiz maker will save your life. Okay so it won’t really save your life, but we all know how hard it is to study these days. There’s just so many distractions. Especially if it’s a subject that you don’t like, then forget about getting through everything without giving up.


This is why I usually like to write my notes down and then create a study guide to help make learning a little easier. Since I don’t use my laptop to take notes I usually have to put them all into a word document before I can either create a study guide or use an online tool to create flashcards or quizzes that make studying a little easier and a tiny bit more fun. I decided to use Quizlet this time, which as I previously mentioned is an online quiz creator.

When you access the website, you have the option to either choose to create an account through Google or Facebook. The screenshot above shows the different options you have once you’ve created your account. I decided to create a study set for the purpose of this blog post along with wanting a study guide to help myself study.

This screenshot shows how the website works to create your quiz. I originally wanted to do 5 questions but I was having a lot of fun creating the quiz so I opted to do 10 instead.

Screenshot from my Macbook

The screenshot shows the end result with all my questions at the bottom. If you look closely you can see that instead of just having the option to study from a set of flashcards, you can also spell terms, match them or simply test yourself.

Screenshot from my Macbook

Here is an example of how the flashcards work: you will either get the answer to the question you came up with OR you’ll get the question and you’ll have to answer it. It changes depending on each question.

So if you’re feeling a little frustrated, give Quizlet a try. It’s quite a lot of fun once you get into it.


I’ve linked my EID100 review down below for anyone that wants to try it out along with the link to the website so that you can make your own study guide.

EID100 Study Guide


Happy studying friends!