Stop Making Shit Programming Tutorials

A Short PSA

I’m tired of people who write tutorials and documentation whose end goal seems to be nothing more than to stroke their own intellectual ego. If you’re one of these people, stop it. Either write a tutorial because you want to help people learn or don’t clutter up the damn Internet with your “look at me, I’m so smart” nonsense. We don’t need more of these lengthy, and verbose novels to describe State, Function Based Programming, whatever new library you may have developed, or whatever Web Framework is the flavor of the week. We don’t need another acronym for a concept that already has one thousand different synonymous acronyms making the rounds. It is, honestly, just not necessary — and what’s worse, it is actively discouraging people from learning in the first place, which should be the whole bloody point.

It does not matter how large and extensive your vocabulary is or how overly complicated you can make simple concepts. If you are going to make a lesson, then teach something, and try to teach it well. Droning on trying to convince everyone your IQ is astronomical while not even conveying the basics of the concept you’re supposedly teaching is nothing but brainy grandstanding, and brainy grandstanding, simply put, is bullshit.