Redbox — Ways to Save on Your Movie Rentals

If you wanted to rent a new movie to watch at home just a few years ago your options were pretty limited. There were a few video store chains and some limited on demand services, that is about it. Over the last few years however, a plethora of different platforms and media have come about. We can now access thousands of films and TV shows straight from our home. On demand services allow us to see the latest movies on our TV’s, computer’s, tablets and even smartphone. But many of these services lock you into a specific platform or require lengthy (and costly subscriptions). As such, though we have more choice than ever before, many of us are always trying to find ways to save on our movie rentals.

Sometimes you just want to rent a movie that you can watch at home using your standard DVD player, laptop or games console. Something which won’t lock you into either lengthy and expensive contracts and which won’t mean you have to watch lots of movies a month to get your money out of them. That is where the Redbox Kiosk comes in. You can rent DVD’s, games and Blu-ray movies. Redbox is a pretty inexpensive way to see the latest releases as they come onto the home DVD rental market. But, can you save even more money with Redbox codes and promotions?

How to Save Money on Redbox Movie Rentals

Sign Up for the Redbox Text Club

The Redbox text club is a quick and simple way to save money on movie rentals with Redbox. You can sign up for text alerts which include freebies, such as one free movie night a month! Remember that though this can save you money on rentals and get you special offers a week, there may be data or messaging charges, depending on your Cell network. Normal texting rates do apply.

How it works: To sign up, just text FRIENDS to 727272. Every so often you will get a coupon or offer which you can use on your next movie rental from a Redbox kiosk. Typically, you will get 2–3 tests a month so it shouldn’t get out of control!

Sign Up for the Redbox Email List

Giving out your phone number and getting lots of promotional texts can be a little intrusive. Whilst we don’t always open every email we get, it can be much easier to ignore them if you don’t want to read them.

How it works: Signing up for the Redbox email list gets you access to offers and discounts. You should expect to get a couple of email per week, so you might want to sort them into a folder or make sure you’re not using your work email. The email blasts might give you information on the latest movie and game rentals coming to your local Redbox kiosk or entice you with a special offer to use.

Redbox Codes

Finding Redbox codes to use at your local kiosk on the latest movie rentals is the least intrusive way of saving money on your movie rentals. There are always lots of promo codes available on the internet, but often finding one which is in date and which you can use isn’t easy. To ensure that you get an up-to-date code, try using

How it works: Through their community, the site maintains a pretty good list of different codes as well way to save on movie rentals. How much you can save does vary with vouchers ranging between $0.50 and $1.25 off your next rental being pretty common. Anyone can use the codes and you don’t need to sign up for texts or email to do so. Just visit the Redbox community on the site and see what Redbox codes other users have found and shared. We like CouponDad as you can find codes which are trustworthy and which will work, unlike some other sites. It’s the perfect way to rent movies at a discount without having to sign up for lots of emails or text alerts.

Redbox PlayPass

Redbox PlayPass is the company’s reward program. Like any store card or loyalty scheme it is designed to reward customers the more they shop. It lets you earn free rentals, get discounts and receive promotions. As with email and texts, you will get promotional material from Redbox everyso often.

How it works: Once you have signed up, each time you take out a rental from your local kiosk you earn reward points. Once you have rented 10 movies or games, you will earn a free rental. You also get one extra free rental a year, on your birthday and a subsequent one on the anniversary of the day you signed up with PlayPass.

Keep Up With Social Media

Last, but not least, try and keep up with Redbox on social media. You can follow Redbox on all the usual channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is a great way to join in with communities of people who love watching movies and playing games, and who love to discuss the latest releases with like-minded people.

Keeping up on platforms like their gorgeous Instagram feed keeps you in the know for when that great new movie will be hitting the kiosk. Redbox also often run competitions or give discount information on social media. If you pick up a way to save a bit of cash on a rental, you could pop back over the the Coupon Dad community and share the info with everyone else, though Coupon Dad probably found it before you did!

How it works: If you are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram just type Redbox into the search bar and find the appropriate profile. Remember, there can be fake profiles on social media. If you are on Twitter or Facebook, look for the blue check mark which shows it is a verified profile.

To Wrap Things Up

Chilling on the sofa at home with the ones you love, a bowl of popcorn and a great movie, is one of the biggest and best pleasures in life. And if you can find that movie rental without having to take out a big annual subscription plan or save a little money with a Redbox code, it makes you movie night even better.

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