A Crisp Shaky California Morning…

This morning I woke up to an earthquake shaking the knick-knacks around my room — a pinecone fell off my shelf. As I woke up an hour earlier than I typically would for work, the jarring jaunt brought be back to when I moved to the Bay Area 4 years ago next month. Sitting on my back patio in the Haight in San Francisco, sipping on my morning espresso was so familiar to the first morning I woke up in Mill Valley in September 2011 — sipping on a latte, gazing at the giant redwoods that surrounded me, and thinking about the unique briskness of the morning air, a combination of the midwest autumns I was so used to and the lazy morning vibes that usually accompany weekends. This pseudo-European approach to starting the day is something I enjoy most about living here — calm, happy, reflective… even the impending threat of an earthquake can’t shake it.

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