A Small Developing Life

Part 1: My 100-Word Life Story

Learning, always learning.

Making mistakes along the way.

Being too hard on myself when I do.

Two sides to my personality.

One side: Shy, reserved, quiet, awkward.

People who see this, they don’t know.

There’s more to me than that.

Second side: Talkative, funny, understanding, musical, weird.

Overall, different.

Let me show you.

Zoe Garcia, born in Chicago.

Finally moves up to the suburbs.

Makes friends, has laughs, enjoys life.

Might complain at times, but no matter.

Music is what I adore.

Lyrics, dance, sound, rhythm, you name it.

It’s an expression of art which I love and cherish.

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Part 2: Pie Charts

Part 3: A Song That Inspires Me

This song matters to me because I had to dance to a part of it during contemporary dance class. It inspires me as a young teenager because of the lyrics, and always makes me think of a storm.

Part 4: Savoring a Moment (9:00 PM on Sunday Night, August 28th)

I’m enjoying a cup of strawberries and cream that my mom has prepared. Yum!

Part 5: A Vine of What I Like to Do

Part 6: People I Look Up To

Photo Credit: EverymanHYBRID Wiki

This character here is Evan/HABIT. HABIT’s the evil spirit who’s possessing Evan. What I admire about this character is the fact that he’s very confident, expressive, musical, and dramatic.

Photo Credit: Ouran High School Host Club Wiki

This girl’s, (yes, girl’s), name is Haruhi Fujioka. I love how she’s such an intelligent, hard worker who never quits persevering.

Photo Credit: Hetalia Wiki

This guy’s name is America, but his human name is Alfred F. Jones. I adore this character because of his bubbly and outgoing personality.

Part 7: A Dream of Mine

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Since I’m a person who’d interest in the fine arts, I would absolutely LOVE to be in this musical, preferably as either Velma Kelly or Roxie Hart, (the two main characters).

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