Why We Create — Personal Choices

Do you like skipping to an author’s bio to discover something about the person who wrote the book you’re about to read? Most of us like to know what makes them tick. It’s all part of the process of understanding the reason behind the book, why it was written. We often do the same with artists. People like stories about the painter, like why did Van Gogh cut off his ear?

Vincent van Gogh: Starry Night Icons

The truth is we read these antidotes about the creator but we really can’t distinguish what’s truth from legend, or separate what’s real from the marketing brand tales. More often than not, people create for personal reasons that are often not told. Some things are too personal to share, so we come up with acceptable versions of the truth.

Even with the openness tolerated in the world today, there is still a sense of acceptable limits, and group mentality. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s part of human nature, but it does inhibit the more sensitive people. So we put on masks to encourage the boldness needed to take risks, in order to share our creations.

So the challenge is before us all . . . should we continue to review and choose our books, art, movies and music based on branding that we know to be misleading? Does winner of this, or best of that, really mean anything today? Can we truly break free and work, share, and enjoy people’s creations based on their own merit?

This is what being an Indie is supposed to be about — the freedom from labels. So if you are claiming to be an Indie author, musician, director, or artist — then the challenge is not to use the traditional brand marketing formulas. Let your work — your creation — stand on it’s own.

Happy creating this weekend.

Here’s a great look into the project of ‘Loving Vincent’ a collaborative movie. The work discovers the man using his paintings and his distinct style. . . see more here:

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