13 Reasons Why:The Story Continues

The hit series 13 Reasons Why was intended to have one season at the start of filming, but it was later revealed that there will be a second season answering all the questions the first season left behind. Since this announcement there have been mixed emotions about the second season. Some people are waiting for the release date to plan binge watching, while others think that there should be one season and there isn’t a story to tell anymore. There are also the people that weren’t a fan of how the series handled the issues they tried to bring attention to, so they find the idea of having a second season troubling.

The second season is said to take place a few months after where the first season did. The second season is also said to be about recovery of Hannah’s suicide, Alex’s choice, Jessica’s rape, and other situations from the original series. Jay Asher, the author of the book the series is based on stated,”I’d just like a continuation of all those characters,I’m curious as well. What happens to Clay? How do people react to what Alex did at the very end? What’s going to happen to Mr. Porter? I’d thought of a sequel at some point. I’d brainstormed it, but decided I wasn’t going to write it. So I’d love to see it.” Asher also goes on to explain that he’s curious to see how they write the second season and how they’re going to work off of the first season(Harnick).

13 Reasons Why had some people who weren’t a fan of the way the show portrayed the issues of sexual assault, suicide, and the other issues shown. In “13 Reasons Why Season Two, Feels Like A Different Show” written by Proma Khosla it is said, “Season 1 stirred up a lot of controversy with mental health professionals and parent groups for explicit depictions of bullying, suicide, and rape.” With that being said there have been fears of more “explicit depictions” of other serious problems being apart of the second season. With all of the loose ends that the show had after the original season there is fear of what dark roads the show may take.The first season left off with many unfinished stories of other students that were apart of Hannah’s life. The second season is expected to answer the questions viewers had after the first season. “If there’s a season 2, that’d be two more characters going down dark, terrible paths.” Many people think that both of the unfinished stories will have dark endings and with this there are many possibilities as to how they’ll specifically end. The director doesn’t intend to censor the second season. Apart of the fear that people have might have to do with how heartbreaking the ending of the first season was as well as how controversial it was. Viewers aren’t sure what to expect.

There is no intention to changing the amount of censorship of the second season. With that being said there is more fear as to what the second season could feature. “Without spoiling the show, it is pretty clear what tragedy 13 Reasons Why is setting up next, another hot button issue that will no doubt result in hundreds of think pieces and heated debates(Foutch).” It is inevitable that there is going to be controversy over the second season, but there is no way of knowing what the season will feature.

I agree with the show continuing the story especially with the loose ends that the first season had left. I also understand the fear of not knowing what is going to be shown especially because of the lack of censorship that first season had. Viewers can take the show differently,but whether it’s censored or not these issues need to be talked about.

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