Well, this explains a lot.

i ….cant believe i didnt write this comment…

my pet hypothetical ontology has long been that we (the cosmos etc) r a small — perhaps trivial — experiment (in simulation, artificial intelligence, molecular chemistry, what have you) in a grander alien macroverse. the limits of our observable universe, its arcane laws, the arrow of time, etc all products of the experimental methods & parameters. The Big Bang: simply the initialization of the trial.

perhaps we were an intended outcome or object of the study; perhaps accidental or incidental. perhaps we were noticed & are being observed; perhaps we are not remarkable or longstanding enough (at their time scale) to register as significant to the experimenter. just a brief , queer nanoscopic outgrowth in a remote, negligible vector of the petri dish.

of course this at best only defers the mindfuck of ‘why’ our universe exists; we would then have to ask: why does the alien macroverse exist ?

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