How to Praise Handsome Men in Chinese?

Are you a lady-killer? If not, maybe you should work on that now. But how? Maybe being quiet is an easy way, since the popular of the sentence “我只想做个安静的美男子”(wǒ zhǐ xiǎnɡ zuò ɡè ān jìnɡ de měi nán zǐ)( I just want to be a lady-killer quietly) indicates that if you want to be attractive at least you should be quiet. The noises and fickleness will disturb that kind of attraction. If you want to know more about how to be attractive and learn Chinese at the same time you can learn Chinese on skype.

People who say that sentence show that he wants to be alone and don’t like to become the focus of attention. This sentence shows that Chinese traditional culture and popular culture have something in common now. For a period of time, the requirements of the society towards men are being talkative and humors. Now, it seems that we are backing to our traditional beauty evaluation criteria which are being gentle, cultivated and elegant. Just take a look at the “美男子”(měi nán zǐ)(handsome man) at the entertainment circle, you will know how serious this change is.

Huo Jianhua, a famous gentle actor in China is getting increasingly popular in recent years. The roles he acted are most elegant men, who don’t need to say a lot words and are always at a state of numb, he is a person just like a Chinese saying “静若处子”(jìnɡ ruò chǔ zǐ)(quiet like a elegant lady).

Another good example is Chinese writer Hanhan, who perfectly demonstrated “腹有诗书气自华” (“ fù yǒu shī shū qì zì huá ”)(wisdom in hold, elegance in mold).He is always a low-key person, even when he published a new book, he won’t publicize it personally. Maybe he thought that all what he needs to say has been expressed in his book, so he doesn’t have to say more.

Can you list some more examples who you think are “安静的美男子“,if so, you can go to our Chinese audio lessons to express your opinion and learn easy Chinese.

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