The technique I choosed to apply is called ‘Fontana Mix’ which is invented by John Cage. John Cage was an American composer, music theorist, writer, philosopher, and artist. He also is a pioneer of aleatory music, electroacoustic music, and non-standard use of musical instruments. Although he is a controversial figure, it is still widely regarded as one of the most important composers of his generation.
 His most famous work is called 4′33″ which is created by applying ‘alteaory music’, there are no musical notes on the music. Therefore, his works are also combine the environmental sounds and even include the noise. Cage presented ‘Fontana Mix’ in 1958 which was basic on ‘alteaory music’ (figure 1). In my work, I recorded the sound at Railway Square. The recording includes four sounds of the environment which are the voice of people, the sound of buses, the sound of cars and the noise. In my visual representation (Figure 2), the black area shows the sound that been record in my recording and this is because the sounds are always exist in the environment however I could not record all of them at a same place and in the same time. There are four different sounds at the environment so i use four different lines to represent them. They also have their own characters. For example, the voice of people are casually appearing in recording, and the noise always appear. However, these different sounds show the feathers of Railway Square.

figure 1
figure 2



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