TL;DR: Make sure you have SIM Manager (previously eSIM Manager) app installed from Play Store and enabled.

When I tried to activate Google Fi services on my Pixel, I always encountered the error code T120. I contacted technical support from Google, but their suggestions didn’t solve my issue. Here are a few of the steps I tried but did not work:

After googling a bit, it strikes me that I’m…

Recently I upgraded a few servers from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to the latest version of 18.04 LTS. However, I ran into a strange issue that the system will always boot into black screen immediately after the grub menu screen. I spent quite some time digging around, and finally solved this display issue caused by (spoiler alert) deprecated hardware and missing drivers.

The Black Screen

After booting up the system, the furthest stage I could get was the grub menu, which is the screen that let me choose if I want to boot the normal Ubuntu or boot into recovery mode. …

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