It was raining when I arrived in London. In the midst of dealing with the rain, I lost my mobile phone. Unfortunately, the last GPS signal from the sad, rain-soaked phone indicated that it was located at a waste processing centre a few hours away.

I hurried to purchase a…

This is truly a ‘post-truth’ world which we now live in.

A friend once asked me why I, as a science lover, had yet to condemn the ‘fraud’ that is the outcome of the recently concluded general election election held in the United States. Apparently, both this election (held on…

Once people started exploring non-financial uses for the blockchain, the idea of identity in Web3 became a frequent topic of discussion.

It naturally lent its way to be used on the web as a form of “Universal Login”, where one identity lets you access all websites. This article will break…

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[reposted from github]

Here in the TokenScript project, we are adapting tried-and-true methods (that have borne fruit in cryptography engineering for decades) to public blockchains.

Unfortunately, data on the blockchain is not being used for its intended purpose. People are blaming Ethereum “congestion”…

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My parents sold an apartment in China and allocated a portion of the sale’s proceeds for cryptocurrency (“crypto”). In China, crypto exchanges are illegal. …

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At AlphaWallet we do things with Tokens.

When I faced an opportunity to explain what “Token stuff” (TokenScript) to a group of barrister dining casually outside of the state Supreme Court, I went ahead with a “legal” narrative, starting by defining Token:


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At AlphaWallet (an Ethereum-based mobile wallet maker), we often ask ourselves, “Who are our user-base?” We conducted surveys with the view to answering this question, and as of 2019, they indicate that they mostly are people who believe that cryptocurrency (“crypto”) is the…

Can Elizabeth Warren’s battle cry for breaking down Amazon, Facebook and Google save the stifled competition on the Internet?

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To get to the free market, let’s first envision it. Take Amazon and eBook, for example, let’s take a closer look at Amazon. What a free eBook market should look like?

  • Any device vendor would be able to sell eReaders which can be…

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Once recognised as a brave contender of the banks, now the 6-year old COINJAR should be judged by their service quality just like banks are.

Coinjar was the first in Australia to provide a payment card that allows Bitcoin users to spend their…

The following posters are found in Wolli Creek:

Never forget the class struggle

Most posters, however, are written in Chinese and not translated to English:

Weiwu Zhang

Blockchain expert | Climate-change activist | Horse trainer | Technophile | Polyglot

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