Five shots to tell you who I am

A huge kaleidoscope at Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing
The Imperial College, Beijing

I come from Beijing, China. The Imperial College is less than 5 minutes’ walk away from my home yet I had never been there until recently. When I stepped into one of the halls, a sunbeam rested upon the roof.

ShangHai by night

I enjoy traveling with people I like. This picture records my first trip without my parents. My boyfriend and I reached 88 floor of one of the tallest buildings in ShangHai and shot this photo together.

Flowers found by the WeiMing Lake in Peking University, Beijing

I love spending time in nature when the weather is good. We celebrate QingMing Festival on April 4th each year. That is the best oppotunity for me to appreciate the spring in Beijing. All kinds of flowers are blooming at that time. This one is my favourite although I don’t even know what it is called.

A couple resting in front of a piece of art, San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art

I am curious about art and design so my favourite place to go to when I have spare time is art museum. A couple came and sat on the chair when I was about to take a picture of this piece of art.

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