As a non-english writer : How can i read your mind my academic writing ?

As a non-UK writer who is studying in the UK, You may ask yourself:

(1) How much do I know about academic writing?

(2) What is the main difference between academic writing and normal writing?

Academic writing quiz

The main difference between academic writing and normal writing is that

A: uses longer words

B: tries to be precise and unbiased

C: is harder to understand

Making careful notes is essential for:

A: writing essays

B: revising for exams

C:all academic work

how to write academically?

Academic writing has it own attitude

The attitude of academic writing is that thinking critically, not just easily accept other author’s opinions, but also think about how/why/ to what extent I accept your opinions? Dare to challenge author’s opinions and finding strong evidences to make a good argument.

Academic writing has it own style

Be formal by using academic language rather than informal language such as oral language.

Using explicit discourse markers to build a coherent and coheres link from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph.

Using a clear structure to make readers easy to follow your argument. Such as making a clear statement in your introduction — body — conclusion.

Always planning your essay in advance

As a non-English writer, how can I read your mind my academic writing? Is it focus on the grammar rules? Actually, academic writing not merely grammar, it is like a convention in UK’s academic field.

Mind map

1 Think out of the box to adapt this unfamiliar writing style.

2 Knowing the purpose of academic writing.

3 Making a critically academic argument.

In a nut shall, Academic writing is not merely a technical skill, it is built on a way of thinking:

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