Giving thanks to everyone in your life

Sometimes is hard to give thanks to everyone especially when you get a promotion, when you get the best job in the world. You believe that you are hard working and you deserve the best thing in the world. Another situation you are not giving thanks to others is that when you are in a bad mood, when you going through struggle, when you suffer a tough life. You believe that nothing needs to be gratitude.

Giving thanks to everyone in your life

As a christian, we need to thanks God, thanks God dead for us, thanks God bring the peace and love to this world. Worship God, trust in God. He will prepares the best things for us. As a person, when we are born into this world, we need to thanks our parents give us a life.

You are deserve to have a thankful heart in your life

How do you give thanks in a practical way, in thanksgiving day? Actually, Thanksgiving Day is only a start it is not an attitude actually is an action. In reality, we seem to take everything for granted. If people give you a gift and you just receive it and with saying thanks. It seems that your take this gift in a wrong way. Just like Jesus, our god and he scarfised for us and we should thanks him first and then receive the gift he gives us. Each of us in this world has a unique function and giving thanks for everyone in your life is like share your love with them. Let them know that they are in your heart and don’t mean to be giving thanks to others. One day, when you cross the road just buy your friend a gift and give it to them. A small action can warm their hearts.

Love isn’t a big thing, it is a million little things.

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