Linked in : A new weapon for job hunting

According to the statistics last year almost 95% of the companies used social media to hire employers. In this information age, employers and employees both use social media to build connections between them.

A new weapon for job hunting, welcome to the world of Linked in.

1 Being a unique you

Knowing who your are is important in job hunting

Giving a good first impression to employers

Tips: upload a formal photo, using the same name in social media).

Tailoring your CV show your personality

Tips: To show your talent in your specific area.

Don’t forget to cope your linked in profile on your CV, it will give a vividly picture to employers what have your done in your career path.

boosting your CV as much as you can

Social media gives us which allow us to build an identity online and gives us a platform to show our professional knowledge. For instance, when you use Linked in, it helps you great a unique label for you which can increase your attractive power when you hunting for a job.

2 Engage with companies

Doing a research about your ideal companies and following your ideal companies on Linked in.

Talking to your employers on linked in. Talk to your employers your skills and knowledge rather than talk to the job directly.

Social media makes other people knowing you more. There are a varitety of job-hunting websites but linked in focuses on your career which gives you enough space to show your skills and experience. In a nut shell, Linked in is the best place which provides your employer a chance to know that your are hunting for a job.

Linked in build a connection between employees and employers

In the real world, almost everyone will make a good impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.Nothing worths having comes easy, keep moving and work hard.

Linked in top tips for hunting a new job in 2015