We do not have Wi-Fi here, Talk to each other pretend it’s 1995.

After I arrived in London, go to a variety of café to have a cup of coffee becomes one of my habit during my study in the UK. One day I goto a café, I was attracted by its blackboard.

photo credits by corner cafe

How advanced technology changed the way of communication between individuals? In the 17th century, a Café’ was a traditional type of coffeehouse, it played an important role in social interaction, the coffeehouses become a popular place which allow individuals to congregate, talk, write, read, entertain one another. In the coffeehouse, individuals gather together especially man, they discuss political issues and debates in that period of time.

A coffeehouse in Paris

Things changed in 21st century, when you go to a café, most frequently questions people will ask to café staff is that “Does this place has Wi-Fi here? What is the password of the Wi-Fi?”

photo credits by www.google.com

How many time do we spend on talking to our parents and friends? Are we being controlled by social media? After Wi-Fi emerged into our life, café becomes a new form of computer room, individuals seldom talk to each other. If we do not provide Wi-Fi in Café’, will everyone start to talk to each other through face to face?

enjoy a cup of cappuccino

Time will tell. At least, enjoy a cup of coffee without Wi-Fi.

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