Applications: Panel Report 2

Jake Fleisher, a principal UX researcher at Blink UX discussed the ideation process and provided real world examples as to how he uses it within his career in human centered design. He is currently working on UX strategy, but discussed specifically how brainstorming is an important part of the ideation process. I was surprised at the relevance of all the concepts that we discussed in class to the real world. He spoke about building ideas off each other, but allowing ideas to be crazy and not judging each other for ideas. The visuals he provided were useful tools because they demonstrated the ideation process, with his interview results, then his drawings related to his concepts and provided helpful visuals within the ideation process.

Katie Derthick’s work is within mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism. She is a PhD student in the HCDE graduate program. Her presentation focused on her user research which she conducted for her mindfulness/meditation dissertation study. The user research methods she discussed included ethnography, interviews, contextual inquiry, participant observations, surveys, all which she used in her dissertation studies. It was surprising to me the varied approaches one can take to gain information from individuals. Her research focused on meditation as technology, and the use and the non use of technology by both meditators and the meditation community.

I would modify my work in my sprints through the ideation and user research process based on my new knowledge from real world professionals. My ideation process could be improved to allow more divergent ideas, as I tend to keep my ideas grounded in reality, but sometimes a crazy idea can lead to innovation and I should allow myself to do that. Additionally, I can expand the types of user research that I do upon individuals, rather than simply observing them, I can also conduct a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data about them.

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