Dealiac launched an innovative gluten free app that allows everyone to find within several minutes the perfect place to dine out

November 11th, 2016 — Dealiac, an innovative app specially designed for all the people who are dealing with Coeliac disease, suffer from gluten intolerance or simply avoid gluten for a healthier life, offers the unique possibility to effortlessly find the best restaurants that make available delicious gluten free dishes.

We often times meet people who are struggling to discover the best products that do not contain gluten and there is a misconception that this kind of food is not tasty. Now, by simply utilizing the gluten free app there is possible to locate within minutes the best restaurants in the country which can offer delightful and super delicious gluten free meals. As you understand the dining out is not a problem anymore for individuals who are intolerant to this protein and they have now the fantastic possibility to not feel discriminated where they want to participate at a feast and there are is simply not the required food for them. Just with few very simply taps absolutely everyone is able to find exactly and with trouble-free the gluten free restaurants that suits all their needs and expectations and also to see trustworthy reviews of other diners about the tasted meals. Another thrilling fact about this application is that its users can beneficiate from special offers since most of the restaurants that collaborate with its developers came up with nice discounts that range from 10 % up to even 50 %. Basically, by using your mobile phone or tablet you can plan a gorgeous evening out with marvelous dinner or why not a celebration even if you are consuming exclusively gluten free foods.

In fact, this stunning gluten free restaurants application already is used by a great deals of people who have now an excellent choice from large and small restaurants both that are located near to them or across the country that claim to offer the best and highest special foods. Also, they can every time give their feedback about a place and what is greater to beneficiate from endless discounts on their favorite dishes. Now nothing can limit the gastronomic experiences of a Coeliac disease sufferer or a gluten intolerant person.


Dealiac is the first diners club in the world that focuses on providing the people who avoid gluten with the required information in regards with where they can find the best places in the neighborhood and around the country where to eat. In this purpose the team developed and made available a special gluten free app that allows everyone to discover the prefect restaurant that prepares specific dishes, to see and give feedbacks and even to enjoy great discounts. More about the app can be found here:


Company: Dealiac


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