Well, to say that Elena Vladimirovna (Elena V.) is an incredibly talented teacher is so little to outline about her persona… I’m sure even my feedback won’t embrace completely the entire WORLD of hers from inner and outer side, however I will go for it and I’m aching to share my gratitude, I’m longing to spread the word, longing to raise my voice and say out loud to this WORLD how magical and stunning Elena V. is! She is one of those individuals across this Globe who gradually change the life of people for better, who here and there kindle the light in human souls, who inspire to make these big life-changing steps, who ignite this air of motivation, who regardless of anything inhale life in all those around them…

The first time we came across each other, my goodness never counted, but it is more than a decade ago by now, to be precise around 11–12 years back. I was in my 8th grade, so young and not experienced but surely ready to fetch useful things which happened to pass by or just were around. Anyway, going back to my lovely teacher…here she was… strong-willed, well-organised but most importantly well aware of her goals. Straight away through the notes of her voice and the way she approached us I sensed that she – a woman of enormous confidence, a big loving heart, a passionate soul, a man of insight…

Little did I know this woman whom I adore and respect so much till nowadays will have this tremendous impact on my life. Somehow via certain twisted, direct/indirect paths, those vibes from my school time had settled in my mind and inevitably later on reverberated on my future life and directions I have chosen. I am blessed that I had to know her because she is a teacher with a big stamina, she is a teacher who cares, remembers, supports and always believes in you. Remising all those passed days now is a life-warming therapy when I endure certain obstacles on the way. Not merely she was our English teacher but also she was our supporter instilling confidence and empowering us to go beyond our comfort zone.

Flashbacks of my school time, especially our lessons of English and her non-stop desire to give, to share, to teach is breathtaking…mind-touching!

I was always into languages; learning other cultures and traditions, discovering new lifestyles, new people scattered across the Globe was a fascinating process for me. Today I’m living my life, I’m moving forward not being afraid of landing in a new country. That very first meeting with my lovely Elena V. has dramatically turned my life for better.

She is always full of ideas, always eager to learn new things, always up to go for it and eventually make dreams come true. Even now being miles away from my country and my hometown I always keep in touch with her, besides from time to time my friends keep me posted about her life and achievements she has reached and all this makes me so so much happy and proud. Her success reminds me that everything is possible in this life. “Should you ignite this little willingness, you have to go for it, merely wishing it, won’t change anything…”, Elena V. used to say back in time. Today I am happy, at least somehow I am able to show my gratitude because she definitely deserves this.

She is a flawless diva, an insanely devoted professional, a passionate life-learner, a benign teacher, a wonderful mother and an amazing wife. She is not a bystander, she is an engine of life, she is that flow of energy which activates and catalyses everybody and everything around her.

She is one of the biggest highlights of my life!