A small fix can go a long way

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Recently, I resumed using my MacBook Pro 2015 while my main Linux machine is down. However, when I started using it with my good old Logitech MX Master, the gestures were going crazy: thumb button acted as <Tab> and the backward button acted like a middle button.

The fix was surprisingly easy, however, I am not sure which step did the trick.

  1. Reinstall the latest Logitech Options

Beware! The default download link that appears in the search bar dropdown points to an ancient version!

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Version 5.10.24 is super old…

You should go to the product’s page and download the latest one. (Mine was 7.12.82)

2. Reset the Options…

So today I went on with my Python Web Dev study with NoSQL. Evironment setup requires MongoDB and Redis so I just searched for the installation guide for these two packages. Sadly the official one for MongoDB does not work and Redis does not have such a thing (at least not as explicit as I would like). The guide from Digital Ocean was pretty detailed (and complicated) but I could not pass all the tests of make test. Luckily, there is a simpler way out.

Install MongoDB

sudo apt-get install mongodb

Installing the latest 3.6.x MongoDB is easier than I thought. A small trap here is that if you want to check the version, you should type mongod --version rather than mongodb --version. …


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