Barney’s New York

The main difference between Barney’s New York from other department stores like Neiman’s Nordstorm is taste level. Barney’s has much more taste level on display, interior and merchandise choice. Barney’s has big show windows, which customers can see through. Inside, many display cabinets are made by detailed glass (with element of interior design), helping make the inside look more open. Interior design is very tasty. In women’s collection spiral staircase is very feminine ,which is made by fine metal and wood. In the previous men’s collection, the staircase is clean and masculine. They use very hi-end material to make display tables and display products neatly. They take elements from products to make art pieces for display products

Barney’s has many exclusive products (special color, material, version) from designer brands, which means you can only find them in Barney’s. Barney’s also has its own brand and it is much more cheaper than designer brands, but it is trendy. Barney’s has the history of bringing new designer’s products to the market. For example, Giorgio Armani is the first European brand that Barney’s brought to America. Every year, many Parsons student’s products are introduced to the market by Barney’s

Barney’s has many loyal customers and they buy designer bags, shoes and clothing from every seasons. They have many celebrity customers too. Staff has much knowledge about fashion, know how to target customer and are very friendly.

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