Interacting with a Windows Share from Linux

Problem: I needed to transfer files between a Linux filesystem and a Windows file share.

Solution: Using mount and smbclient got things working.

smbclient //host/share$ -U domain/user%password --max-protocol=SMB2_24 -c 'get backup\backup.txt backup/backup.txt'
smbclient //host/share$ -U domain/user%password --max-protocol=SMB2_24 -c 'put backup/backup.txt backup\backup.txt'
mount -t cifs //host/share$ /mnt/share -o username=user,domain=domain,vers=2.1
# with environment variables
smbclient //host/share$ "$PASSWORD" -U domain/user --max-protocol=SMB2_24 -c 'get '$PATH'\backup.txt backup/backup.txt'

Note: smbclient was preferred since the container hosting service did not allow containers to mount to the filesystem.


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