Make Webpack Greater

Lots of people have heared good things of webpack, and maybe tried it. But lots of people have been backed down, simple because it’s too complex to config it, make it work.

Here’s a typical user’s reaction of using webpack:

The thing is, most people cannot last for 17 days let alone for 40 days.

It’s not just webpack. The same thing happens to other JS world as well. So they call it “JS Fatigue”. It’s actually a THING.

On the other side, lots of people are trying different approaches to solve this issue. Some approaches are:

— Boilerplate: provide project templates to start with. But it’s hard to find a good/better/great template which has not been outdated after initial published.

— Better Docs: webpack has been known for its aweful documents for a long time. But the core team has been working on this for a long time and they are trying to supprise us in V2, which is not far away.

In React world, there’s a new approach, which they introduced a CLI tool called Create-React-App (CRA for short). It’s a tremendous success as it provides a single dependency to start with React.

All you need to do is install the tool, and run a single command to create an React app. It will take care of everything for you. No need to worry about how to use HMR(hot module replacement), how to use Babel preset, how to optimize for production, even no need to worry about testing configurations.

It just works.

We are not sure this is the best approach to solve JS Fatigue, but till now it’s most welcomed way to tackle this issue.

That’s the reason I started to prototype a similliar tool for webpack: a CLI tool to take care of webpack config. All you need to do is developing and hacking. No need to worry about build process because the tool will take care for you.

You can check my work (still very early stage) on github or download from npm. If you think it’s a good way, just star it to let more people know.

After all, webpack is a great tool and we are doing everything we can to make it greater!