CCHU9047 Critical Thinking Question

Media is the product of social development, which means that it is not easy for them to ignore opinions and voices from the society. For one thing, they need to survive. In the times of new media, everything is developing in a high speed. The competition between different media exists all the time. If they want to be a head taller than their competitors, they need to make themselves more attractive. While achieving this goal, they cannot be truly neutral and objective. For another, the editors are also members of the society. They have their own thoughts on certain topics. While editing, it is normal for them to add their own ideas as well as people’s ideas into their work, which will finally turn out to be biased news and influence the readers in the end.

But is media inevitably biased?

I would like to say that it is impossible for media to be truly objective. However, media can be correspondingly neutral and objective, although it is a tough work. When facing the five filters of propaganda models, media can take actions to firm their position. For example, media can negotiate with their patron about the requirement of advertisement to cut down the amount of advertising. In this way, it would be easy to reduce the conflict of interest. It is also effective to establish a news-checking team to ensure the facticity of the news, which can avoid exaggerated news and fake news to some extent. What’s more, making comments objectively can avoid unnecessary trouble. Without any partiality, media can avoid opposed opinions and negative responses from readers or discredit organizations and individuals.

As for the social impact of media, it is clear that media plays an important role in the whole society. Traditional media sends out news and articles which include information and comments about certain topics. Biases are likely to exist and may cause influences on the public. Social media provides a platform for people to communicate with each other. People can express their feelings and receive opinions from others. This process makes different voices appear on a sharing place, and will help to form people’s thoughts and might make people who keep similar ideas reach to an agreement.

From all of the above, we can conclude that it is necessary for media to be more objective. Being truly neutral requires a big reform of media system, and it still has a long way. But it is possible for media to be correspondingly objective, which is also the present problem for media to solve.

Mex Z