Expectations Cartier jewelry consumer groups is booming — medium.com/

“Despite the economic downturn, but the jewelry industry is indeed in a stage of rapid development. At present, China’s jewelry industry to a critical period, on the one hand, it reinvent itself in the fast, on the other hand, the consumer groups so said the rapid growth of positive expectations. 2015 was a very difficult year for the jewelry industry, but also provides an opportunity for those of strong competitors. “Mr. Wu Fenghua, chairman TTFHaute Joaillerie accepted” JNA “magazine interview. TTF is to seize the opportunity to upgrade the jewelry industry, Cartier Replica Jewelry focusing on original design, artisan spirit and brand building, and with a series of brand activities, the contrarian of the “winter.” 2016 opened to date, TTF described as fruitful. March 22, Sophie Marceau Sophie Marceau wearing TTF • Advanced customization Emerald Necklace “Brahmaputra”, attended the fortieth Hong Kong International Film Festival opening ceremony,Cartier Jewelry Replica. March 30, Forevermark® Forevermark and Japan strategic partnership Kashikey visit TTF Chinese design headquarters; Mr. Kazuya Taguchi Japan Kashikey jewelry company president. March 31, TTF Haute Joaillerie Chairman Mr. Wu Fenghua, invited to participate jointly organized by the BBC British Broadcasting Corporation, Paris International Luxury Industry Association, the Boston Consulting Group International Luxury Industry Association Annual Roundtable, Cartier Juste Un Clou earrings replica. May 12, Mr. Wu Fenghua invited to Japan in Kobe Jewelry Show, published “Chinese history and current status of fine jewelry development,” keynote speech; May 16, Serbian television headquarters here TTF Chinese study design, conduct visits to the shooting, and TTF Chairman Mr. Wu Fenghua to interview; Mr. Wu Fenghua representation, TTF contemporary design techniques of Chinese traditional culture and contemporary interpretation of international innovation, has developed a unique style of oriental aesthetics. Is both traditional and contemporary, is both national and international, TTF is by virtue of this unique style, becoming the top international jewelry shining star in the sky. TTF legend, continues to write.

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