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Why any news involving the import duty on cosmetics changes always affect so many consumers nervous? Because today, the sea has become quite Amoy net purchase clan “standard.”

Overseas direct mail, global shipping …… convenience of the Internet, let the Chinese consumers to enjoy the convenience to buy overseas goods, cosmetics and as a representative cross-border online shopping products, has favored consumers. Sea Amoy family preference what cosmetics? Select so much, what to buy cheaper? How to buy more successfully avoid the “knockoff”?

Keen sea Amoy family cosmetics, jewelry, all the people you are involved in purchasing it? People need to buy jewelry, you can choose Cartier Jewelry ReplicaReplica Cartier JewelryCartier Love Jewelry Knockoffs and Hermes Jewelry Replica, inexpensive oh.

Starting in 2011, when Shanghai white-collar Du Miao still in college, began to use overseas cosmetics. Amoy sea was not yet arisen, mainly by friends abroad with her. Starting in 2013, she has basically own sea Amoy, “a year can save 5,000 yuan, I also opened a sea of ?micro Amoy shop with the help of a friend.”

With convenient Internet, cross-border online shopping is growing rapidly. Ministry of Commerce predicts that by 2016 China’s import and export trade volume of cross-border electricity supplier will reach 6.5 trillion yuan in 2017 is expected to grow to 8 trillion yuan scale level, cross-border electricity supplier next few years the annual growth rate will exceed 30 %.

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