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Negative Side

On sept 19, the People’s Bank of China issued a new warning to citizens about investments in ICO and cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, reports detailed how Chinese citizens bypassed cryptocurrency regulations.

Positive Side

China has been sparing no effort to promote the development of blockchain, which has now been implemented in 24 fields, said Yu Jialing, deputy director of the blockchain special committee of China communications industry association and director of the industrial economy research institute of the former ministry of industry and information technology, on the global blockchain and freetrade summit.

There are too many pain points in China’s economy that need to…

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The blockchain hackathon themed on Blockchain & New Tech Hack co-organized by DoraHacks and Bitblock Capital was successfully held at Boston on the 22nd and 23rd of September

The two-day close development contest attracted nearly one hundred hackers to participate. The project that facilitates patients to trace their health data on blockchain developed by four high school students won the first prize and an autonomous video distribution and payment platform won the third prize. All the winning teams divide a 10,000 USD prize pool.

Part1 The story of Zhao Changpeng

Zhao Changpeng, the founder of Binance, was born in Jiangsu. His parents are both educators and his father was a university professor. In the late 1980s, their family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. After studying computer science at McGill University in Montreal, Zhao Changpeng moved to Tokyo and New York. He originally developed a system for matching trade orders for the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and subsequently developed futures trading software on the Bloomberg Terminal.

In 2005, Zhao Changpeng chose to resign and moved to Shanghai to set up his own company, Fusion Systems. …

BitBlock Capital:a well-established and robust investment institution

According to research firm Autonomous Next, the number of active digital asset funds has exceeded 300, and the total amount of all digital asset fund management is between $7.5 billion and $10 billion. However, in the current bleak investment environment, digital funds are facing a severe test of survival. Who can continue to move forward after the big waves? BitBlock Capital is a well-known digital asset fund in China. In the past year, they have achieved rapid development and expansion through far-reaching business layout and sound investment strategy. …

Li Lin, The Founder of Huobi — — 10 Years of Ambition

On August 27, 2018, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange showed that the major shareholder of the listed company Tongcheng transferred 70% of his shares to Li Lin, chairman of Huobi. After the completion of the transfer, Huobi became the actual controller of Tongcheng. The appearance of this news made the Huobi Token (HT) rise by nearly 5% within five minutes. And HT’s 10.44% increase throughout the day is also significantly stronger than other exchange platform coins. Listed on the backdoor? HT will fly? When preparing to let go…

Not long ago, the closure of public accounts of several blockchain media giants was an earthquake in the crypto-circle, and once again pushed the blockchain media to the forefront. Among the rest of the blockchain media, there is now a lingering fear of survival. Last week we talked about the community, then this week we will talk about the blockchain media “with Chinese characteristics”.

Blockchain-related media is an important part of the rising blockchain industry ecological organization. …

With 274 currencies, Huobi has accumulated more than US$1 trillion in transactions, accounting for around 50% of global digital asset trading and serving millions of users in more than 130 countries around the world. The Huobi exchange is one of the three major exchanges in China and the world’s leading digital asset financial services platform.


2013 is a special year for Bitcoin. At the beginning of 2013, the value of Bitcoin was $13, while at the end of 2013, Bitcoin was valued at $811. Its growth rate reached more than 6,000% that year. With changing attitudes from various governments…

Wu Jihan, the CEO of Bitmain, controling 50% of the world’s computing capability, is called “the most powerful man.” He created the most advanced content platform in the blockchain field — Babbitt. He is the first in China to translate the white paper of Bitcoin and is known as a Bitcoin evangelist. He has a great impact in this field, also is the only Chinese selected by The New York Times among the blockchain revolutionary figures. We had no way of knowing what this man was going through, but absolutely crazy, right?

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Foundation Stage

In 2009, Wu Jihan graduated from…

As a free and fast publicity channel, the community is a very effective way to promote the development of blockchain technology. At the same time, the trust of all people in the community are the basis of the value of digital currency.

Each blockchain project has its own community to promote its own blockchain project products. These communities include WeChat, QQ, Telegram, Beechat, and etc., covering hundreds to millions of people. For projects in and out of China, we use WeChat and telegram the most. Many foreign investors and project owners who are not familiar with the Chinese conditions often…

On 21st August night, a large number of Wechat channels related to blockchain were blocked, including Jinse Finance, Huobi International, DPRating, and Token Club. When attempting to open the channel, users can see warnings roughly translated to:” due to user complaints and platform checks, the accounts are against ‘Temporary Regulations On Informational Service Development And Administration Of Instant Communication Tools’. Hence, the accounts have been blocked and prevented from further usage.”

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Most of the channels blocked are highly influential. Tencent, the operator of WeChat, said in a separate statement that it chose to block these accounts permanently because they are…

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