“Hello world”

The first program on the Java I made, is called “Hello world”.

The first time I start to admire CS is from a book. Actually, it was about WWII, the name was “Enigma”, it refers to the cipher machine that the Germans used in WWII. It was considered unbreakable. The complex structure of it’s designing makes it invincible to any code breaking method. However, it was broken by a group of mathematicians. Their is one name to remember, Allan Turing. The creator of the modern computer. The struggling of code breaking history of the invincible machine, is also the history of the creating of “the electric brain”. It reminds me the unseen battle in the back of the front line. It is the sacrifice and hard work of those people inspired my interest of CS. CS is not only a branch of science, it was considered as a tool. With the nearly unlimited power of the computer, people can do so much better than they used to be.

Going back to “hello world”. What does it mean? Doesn’t it just sounds like a new life first approaching the world? It is not only a program, it is a new life, a great hope created by humans, or me. Maybe, or not, one day it will be free, as our great products. And what I am trying to do is to make it earlier.

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