Process Blog 1

Here we got client Jenny, female, 35, suffers from severe dark blindness. Every morning when she drives to work, everything is fine. However when she gets off from work, especially in the winter when the day becomes dark so early, her dark blindness makes she can hardly see anything. The task for our team is to design a van with special application for Jenny, a person with dark blindness.

We divided the case into three parts: first, we drew out the scenario so that every group member knew what kind of situation we need to solve. Then we brainstormed all possible solutions using the sticky notes. Eventually, we decided to design a car with internally “light-up” windows so that when outside gets dark, Jenny’s vision field is not dark, and she can see well and drive safely home. Third, we designed the interface in order to give the visual display of the car system.

Jenny could select “daytime” or “nighttime” mode on the screen at the front of her car. When it is “daytime” mode, the car is under normal condition with nothing happens. When she selects “nighttime” mode, all her windows light up with real-time road condition shown up there. To achieve this technology we have cameras all around the car to capture the real-time road situation. The image will simultaneously enter the computer to be processed lighter and will be shown on the windows so that Jenny will feel like she is driving in the day time.

Trying to figure out the solution to the problem and build up the interface in such short time limit was very intense. Ideas flew but without much preparation in advance, sometimes it was hard for us to build up or improve our solution to the problem. I am sure that if more time were allowed, our solution and presentation could be much better. Also because it was our first time doing the Charrette, we were lost sometimes without knowing what to do or doing something which were not followed the instruction. However I really like this project. It was a great experience working with a group of people. Everyone invested a lot into the conversation, and were all drawn to the problem. I like the feeling of working together, brainstorming with people in order to find a solution. Also it was really interesting to hear different but creative ideas.

I could see this technique be applied everywhere in real life that are related to design or problem solving involving users and a scenario. For example, it is very difficult for Tom to find a parking space in the mall. One of the solutions is to develop an app that can update immediately possible space that he can park. UCD Charrette can gather lots of ideas and solves the problem in a relatively very short time. However this technique could not be used onto things that wants delicacy, very time-consuming and careful projects such as drawing, painting, etc.