“Some True Information is Impossible to Censor”
Mara Hvistendahl

Response from a mainlander

I do not think any extreme measures would be taken as the transmission of information is way much different from twenty years ago. Like the title of the article suggests, “true information is impossible to censor.” Although no one is able to deny its significance in the future progress of Hong Kong, even Chinese democracy, nor do I believe the ongoing event, most likely to subside over time, would make significant changes in the central government’s overall policy towards Hong Kong. As an ancient Chinese saying has it, the Great Wall is not built in one day, and so is democracy.

To me, whether or not the central government would show the willingness to adjust its attitude towards Hong Kong and how is far more important than the event itself.

May the odds be ever in China’s future prosperity in not only economy, but also democracy.

At last, repects to the author. Though I do not personally agree with the demonstrations, I enjoyed your article a lot. :-)

A mainlander

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