Food Review: Fire Street Food (Downtown Savannah, GA)

When you’re exploring Downtown Savannah and you want to have a hardy lunch, there is nothing like affordable Asian cuisine. My friend Ardeen and I were having a girl’s afternoon in Savannah, and I had a very large craving for something Thai and smothered in curry. Being that Ardeen studied at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) she knew the downtown area quite well, and picked just the spot! We reached Chippewa Square, and walked into the funky, contemporary, artsy — dining venue of Fire Street Food.

This place was super open concept and welcoming upon entrance. The host greets you immediately, grabs your menus and chopsticks — if desired — and then seats you in one of the comfortable orange and white booths. The atmosphere was almost as if you were in front of a stylish food truck, but on the inside. On the right half of the restaurant is the high bar where the entrees are places for pick-up by the waiters, and behind it are the cooks. The smell was euphoric, and really gave the lovely impression that your food was prepared fresh, hot, and upon order.

Our waiter, Edward, met us shortly after we sat down to take our drink orders, and I simply ordered water while Ardeen decided on a sweet tea. Once our drinks made our way to our table we were ready to order. I was caught between the Red Curry Dish or Gang Dang Gai and the Yellow Curry dish or Gang Leuring. Edward assured me that neither was overly spicy, but that the yellow was the richer of the two. I went with the yellow. My friend order the Telfair Roll which read that it contained imitation crab and cream cheese — which is absolutely delicious.

When delivered to our table our food was piping hot which was a great sign! After allowing my food to cool for a second, I dug in with my chopsticks. The curry soaked rice was so rich, but truly balanced by the freshness of the large cilantro leaves. The vegetables were cooked perfectly with a remaining crunch! I also loved the colors of my dish, because they were truly bright and appealing — once again leaving the impression of freshness. Although unable to finish my meal, because the portion was pretty large, I was more than happy to take it home with me.

Safe to say, my experience at Fire Street Food was good all around, and I will be returning in the future!