I trust you, that means I could rely on you at my worst condition.

Some people have trust issues. Why? Some might have bad experience in giving their secrets to a wrong person, or they just happen to be not easily trust anybody. At this case, I’m the second one. I might just explain the second one. Because most of you might know what is like to be betrayed by the person that you trust.

Why do some people have trust issues?

Let’s just think this way, when you let a person walk into your life, it means, you just taking a risk and giving this person chance to look at “yourself”. At this point, you should know that they could leave as soon as they realize that you just don’t fit them.

Frightening, isn’t it? When you give your whole world to a person, but they just drop it right away without even think twice.

That’s why, it’s not really surprising if some people choose to build a super-thick wall around them. They’re just waiting for another person who’s care enough to break it down. And someone who’s trustworthy.

Talking about trustworthy. Not all of my close friends have that, so I couldn’t tell them a lot of stuffs about me and my life. Sometimes we keep something just for ourselves, right? Most of them just happen to be not on my list of trustworthy people.

Because I think a trustworthy person is very rare these days. People almost forgot how to be real.

Having a friend with trustworthy is enough, rather than have so many friends around.

But, how can I know whether he/she is trustworthy or not?

Let’s just say, they’re the one who stayed at your worst condition. If you do have a friend like this one, keep him/her. Let them know how much you trust them and do your own version of being a good friend to him/her.

Trustworthy person to me is someone who will stood up for you, even when you’re not there. There will be one condition, when you worried as hell and they acted like they’re being real in front of you, but you just cannot make sure if they talked the right things behind you. Isn’t it true?

When they just did something bad and destroy everything by backstabbing you, don’t be such a baby. Because there’s this one positive thing about it; by letting them to do so, at least you know that they aren’t trustworthy.

So for all of you who’s having this trust issues just like me, don’t be afraid to find someone who’s trustworthy enough. First, maybe you don’t have to tell everything about yourself. Try to listen to their problems. With that, you’ve showed them that you’re trustworthy enough for your friend. By then, he/she will do the same thing (if they know how to balas budi lol). Just do your own thing, without hurting anybody. Because when it comes to trustworthy and trust issues, some people might be so sensitive (including me). So, be careful.

With love,

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