IA#3 Up Close and Personal

The interviews that I loved among the presentations that my classmates did were the interviews of Gerard Sison, Ninel Constantino and Pablo Capati III.
Art by: Gerard Sison
Gerard Sison is a painter whose subjects are usually religious figures. What I love about his works is his way and technique of putting such impressive but unique details per image which actually gives his paintings a much closer resemblance to its actual subject. I even got envious with some of the saint painting because he was able to give them a perfect highlight-blush on-contour effect which I can’t even do for myself. I believe that Gerard Sison will be a great inspiration to other Filipino artist, especially painters who usually share the same sentiments with him in terms of their subjects. Religious arts are usually well known in European countries that’s why it’s good to see a Filipino like him who’s into such genre and trying to make a name even if it’s not widely popular in a nation just like the Philippines.
Art by: Ninel Constantino
The next artist that I liked is Ninel Constantino, an industrial designer, painter and professor in University of the Philippines who weaves majority of her stuff since she was a kid up to her age and turn them into a work of art. She has an on-going exhibit of her recent works (particularly her weavings) in UP, which reflects the concept of remembering and forgetting. Constantino came from a family of historians and writers that’s why it has become a part of her values to appreciate and give importance to the past. This is what she said, “In remembering, you forget. In forgetting, you remember” and it’s her view about memories is what I love the most. She even managed to convert her grudges for ex-husband and their memories together from a nightmare by re-weaving her wedding gown, wedding pictures, wedding rings and other memorabilia of their marriage into a beautiful piece of art. I think that’s the best way to tell your ex that “Hey douchebag, I’ve finally moved on. Look, now you’re just one of the trash I’ve encountered in my past that I am weaving for the just sake of my exhibit. How bad.” I believe that Ninel Constantino will be a great example to aspiring artist because she just proved that a great work of art may actually come from anything and anyone. That a small piece of cloth may actually be considered as an art but what it takes for it to be a masterpiece is the love and value that the artist have and exerted in order for it to come to life and stand out differently from any other piece of cloth. The values that an artist have within himself/herself is what will actually make them think out of the box and come up with something that has not being imagined yet before.
Pablo Capati and his pottery
The last artist presented that I liked is Pablo Capati III who is a full time potter and a board of director of PUTIK. Aside from his works what I love about him is his passion on pottery and ceramics. It’s not everyday that you’ll meet a person who’s very into pottery especially nowadays that it’s slowly becoming unpopular and forgotten. Regardless of the criticisms and discouragements that he’s receiving he still continues to pursue what he love and continue his passion. This kind of artist is what we needed most in a country like Philippines where things are easily forgotten and people who do not know how to appreciate lives. He’s a role model for pursuing a career in a declining industry.
Their common quality that I would like to have is their remarkable creativity. Their ability to think and come up with amazing concepts is just so impressive. Artists like them see things differently and that’s what makes them different from ordinary people.I believe that if you’re once creative, you’ll be forever creative.
I’d love to have this quality because t is essential for a future HR practitioner like me to be creative and innovative most of the time. Companies frequently ask for strategies and advices from their employees in order to gain competitive advantage and plan for the business’ survival, to take note that its not just ordinary ideas should be great and one of the kind to make sure that the bosses will be impressed and satisfied. Usually, great ideas are essential and required during business planning and executive meetings and these are crucial times when out of the box ideas are needed the most.
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