The Atlantic: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

The iGeneration might be more isolated than previous generation but smartphones are at most a confounding factor in this equation. The entire global economy experienced a shakeup between 2007–2009. This directly affected an average family’s disposal income. As stated in the article, independence is not “free”. To hangout with friends physically is more expensive than in the virtual space since the internet is free from the teenagers’ perspective. With lower disposal family income, we would expect lower allowances for the children. In addition, a teenager from the iGeneration is less likely to have a part-time job. So, it is expected that when people have less money, they are going to spend less. In a way, staying home is cost effective. Everyone would have gone out much more if they can afford it.

In conclusion, I would contribute the current trend to economic factors rather than the rise of smartphones.

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