A little bit of background

For this week I decided to share a little more information on the homeless shelter. People Serving People was established in 1982 and is located in downtown Minneapolis. It is a 10-story building with 99 emergency shelter rooms that can house 350–400 people daily. It’s also the region’s largest provider of emergency housing services for families. PSP provides a broad range of on-site programs and services designed to address common barriers that homeless families are faced with. They provide: literacy classes for parents, technology center for job searching, a library, dining halls that serve 3 meals a day, medical clinics, Early Childhood Development Center, and more.

Their mission is to serve homeless children and their families and provide opportunities for healthy stable family life. They want to provide a new opportunity for families to help them find ways to break through barriers and stop patterns that lead to poverty and homelessness. A total of 4,500 volunteers donated more than 31,000 volunteer hours. I’m happy to be a part of this community and learn something new everyday.

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