This week I went back to the homeless shelter only to find out that the room was unavailable because of maintenance. So, I decided to focus this weeks theme on the people living in the shelter and some of my experiences.

The first day I walked into the homeless shelter there was a guard at the front desk in charge of security. He would check people’s bags to see if they had any hazardous items and allow them through a small gate into the actual building. The environment of the place is quite calm and the people that I have seen there so far are nice and welcoming.

Growing up, I didn’t have a worry in the world. When I looked at the younger children I could see the same thing in their eyes. They would play with toys, rides bikes, draw, eat snacks, and interact with the adults. The older children and adults living there also looked content. Some of them even wanted to help the janitors clean up around the building. Knowing these people with financial problems, because they are homeless, wanting to help others made me rethink what I could be doing.

The reason I volunteered at a homeless shelter was because I wanted to help out and give back to my community, but only afterwards did I notice how much I really gained. Volunteering at the shelter not only allows me to interact and help families, but it also helped me gain a different perspective on my life. I became more grateful for my life and began really thinking about how I can help people in the future.

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