Learning to be Design-Dev Hybrid: Collecting Quotes about UX

As a developer who has a great passion about User Experience and would love to work on projects that involves both programming and design, I am proactively learning the ideas behind user experience along with UX techniques. As any other profession, reading is also such a big part to learn and absorb information about this industry. Here I have collected some quotes about UX and hopefully these quotes will be a guidance on my way learning to be Design-Dev Hybrid.

“Commodities are fungible, goods are tangible, services intangible, and experiences memorable.” By B. Joseph Pine I & James H. Gilmore
The progress of Economic Value — Catalina Rusu
“The UX designer is ultimately a strategist that tailors a well documented plan to build a solution, and whose way of thinking is deeply rooted in the Design Thinking process...” By Catalina Rusu

I have taken a class about Design Thinking and was well inspired by the design thinking ideas defined by IDEO.

“Design thinking converts need into demand.” By Tim Brown


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