Zheng Lin
Zheng Lin
May 14, 2018 · 2 min read

Bringing the world’s simplest robotic conveyor system

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A Snapshot of RPuck

At Intelligent Robots, one of our main goals is to build robotics solutions that make workers’ day to day tasks more straightforward.

We see — particularly in warehousing and logistics — the majority of the industry still running completely labour intensive, manual operations. This puts significant stress on workers; you hear horror stories of warehouse operatives collapsing and falling asleep on the job, as well as consistently walking distances of over 10 miles per day.

This is unacceptable and negatively impacts all parties involved. By introducing automation to minimise the most strenuous aspects of the job, we look to make everyone’s life better (from individual pickers to floor managers and directors). We also believe that easy to use, flexibile automation systems will play an important role in tackling the well documented labour shortages in the industry and the looming uncertainty presented by Brexit.

Ultimately we want to help usher in a new generation of collaborative robots — systems that do not replace workers but work with them to improve efficiency and satisfaction. By doing this we want to create a future where humans and devices work together. Most importantly, we want to ensure that this innovation is accessible for everyone, regardless of size.

We’re delighted to announce that we have recently won a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to begin testing a fleet of autonomous mobile robots in a real warehouse environment.

It is incredibly exciting for us to launch these trials. The opportunity to get our technology into the real world and validate our process method is key. Even more valuable is the opportunity to explore robot-human interactions in commercial environments more deeply. Understanding this will be vital in the implementation of the next generation of collaborative robots, and something we hope to be at the forefront of.

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