A Trick to Polish Glass

As easy as make a mixture with salt, sodium bicarbonate and hot water. And rub with glass polishing machine any glass surface you want to polish. And if you want to refine the work done, return to the water with vinegar as a final touch. If the glass does not intimidate you, we recommend you to enter glass machine, and enjoy living with glass at its best.

The War against Lime

The most effective home remedies against whitewash are white vinegar and lemon. Much more than the cleaning products sold for this purpose. With the lemon and vinegar, the lime scale disappears almost instantaneously, unlike the chemical anti-scale products, with which you need to insist and rub a good time. Ideally, always have a cloth or cloth on hand to dry the water that drips through the screen every time we use the shower. If this is too much for you, dry at least the glass or plastic door every few days. The crystals are cleaned very well by spraying white vinegar in spray.

Sustained Brightness

Glass objects such as vases, ashtrays or bottles can keep them bright in a very simple way. We just have to help us with an ingredient in the kitchen that is as essential as vinegar. In a suitable basin add vinegar and leave the objects you want to clean submerge in the vinegar for 20 or 30 minutes. We put a cloth on the bottom so that the pieces do not break when they hit each other. Then, with a brush, rub gently to remove the stains better. We can also use this trick in the dishwasher, adding a cup or glass of vinegar to the wash. The glasses and glass jars are opaque by use. To disguise the stains, mix water with cornstarch and rub them with a soft chamois using glass polishing machine.

Utensils: Vinegar, water, cloth and brush.

The glasses and glass jars are opaque by the use. To disguise the stains, mix water with cornstarch and rub them with a soft chamois. You will see how they disappear by repeating this operation, at most, three or four times.

Utensils: Water, cornstarch and chamois.

To remove the grease from the glass, we dilute one teaspoon of starch coffee in half a litter of hot water. With a sponge we clean the glass, let it dry and then rub with a piece of newspaper impregnated with apple cider vinegar.

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