50 AI & Machine Learning startups to watch in Finland

Recently, I’ve curated a list of 50 Finnish startups in the field of AI & Machine Learning for those who are looking for business partners or companies to invest in.

If you are an international investor who wants to connect with one of the startups, feel free to drop me a message. I can make the intro and provide the companies’ investor pitch deck to you if it is available. You can also use Finder.fi to check the company’s revenue development.

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur (based in Finland) who is working on the next world-changing idea and is looking for funding, let’s meet! I’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you with the fundraising process (for free).

Most of the following information is from the company website. But if you’ve spotted an error, please let me know and I will revise accordingly.

Here comes the list:

1 AISpotter


“AISpotter has developed a time-saving, fast service for coaches all around the world. Our goal is to combine high-end technology and sports of any kind. With real-time analysis, coaches and teams are given the power to be one step ahead in team development.”

“We’ve taken over 30 years of recognized University of Oulu Machine Vision Group technology and adapted it to improve your sports game. By combining state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision in our unique way, we provide automatic and fast analysis service for your game.” If you want to find out more, you can book a demo here.

Previously, the company raised funding from JP Holding AB.

2 Aito.ai


“Aito.ai predictive database runs machine learning on existing relational data for immediate predictions, future projections and recommendations. Test AI project ideas, build prototypes and scale to production — lightning fast. Rolling out starting December 1st.” You can book a demo here. The company raised seed funding from AC Odiseado, Leoppi Enterprise and First Fellow Partners in 2019. Umo Capital, Hermitage & Co (Finland) and Business Finland also participated in the round.

3 Aiwo.ai


“Aiwo’s unique qualitative analytics artificial intelligence service is revolutionizing the way customer and employee experiences are created and how to make real-time customer experience a significant competitive advantage for product and service development. Aiwo’s service can produce extremely accurate analytics across multiple data sources in real-time (e.g., email, website feedback, chat, call recordings, etc.). The name of this groundbreaking service is Aizait.”

Aizait CX — Customer experience

Aizait HR — Employee satisfaction

Aizait Qualitative Analytics

The company raised an undisclosed amount of venture funding from Midinvest Management in 2019.

4 Aiforia


“Aiforia’s mission is to provide global access to AI-powered image analysis, to be used by healthcare professionals and researchers within a broad spectrum of fields. Our tools will improve their workflow efficiency and scalability — enabling new discoveries, better-informed decisions, and more personalized patient care.”

The company raised EUR 4.5 million of Series A venture funding in a round led by Ascend Capital Partners in December 2017. ACME Investments, STO-Rahoitus and other undisclosed investors also participated in this round. You can read more about Aiforia’s funding around here.

In 2019 “The €2.1M funding was awarded to Aiforia Technologies as part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and enables the health tech company to launch itself into the diagnostics space. ” You can read more here.

5 Aibidia


“Aibidia is here to digitalise and enhance the way TP professionals work and live. By combining in-depth legal, tax and economic expertise with Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Digital Innovations, we help organisations to envision the way Ahead — and provide individuals with the data and analytics to get there.” The company raised EUR 350,000 of seed funding from Icebreaker VC on April 16, 2018. The funds will be used to grow the software development team. Read more about it here.

6 Awake.ai


“We enable autonomous ships to call at ports. This requires creating all the needed digital handshakes between smart ships and smart ports. We develop data standards, APIs, datasets and cloud services towards this future. Our ambitious goal is to be the world’s most trusted smart ports and autonomous shipping platform and ecosystem orchestrator worldwide by 2025.” The company has received growth funding from Business Finland. Read more about it here.

7 Aivan.ai

“Aivan.ai is a zero-effort contract lifecycle management solution. Archiving a contract is as easy as sending a single email. Automated processing makes contracts available to selected team members, enables rich searches and automation benefits, such as reminders.” You can book a demo here.

The company has been bootstrapped, but they are looking for investments to accelerate internationalization.

8 Brandbastion


“Advertising involves many touchpoints and consumers are always paying attention. Our solutions drive increased ROAS and brand equity for the world’s top brands, making every interaction count. ” The company offers the following solutions:

The company raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from First Fellow Partners in September 2015.

9 Cerenion


“CERENION C-TREND™ offers the first truly objective and practical method to obtain reliable information on the condition and function of the brain. The clinically validated measure can be integrated into EEG-measurement devices and patient monitors as a software feature. CERENION C-TREND™ is a medical-grade software solution that works by combining standard EEG-measurement with advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. The result is a simple index that measures the condition and function of the brain on a scale from 0 to 100. The technology has the potential of improving both the quality and the cost of intensive care.”

The company raised EUR 2 million of venture funding in a deal led by Springvest in September 2019. Icebreaker VC and Butterfly Ventures also participated in the round. The funding will be used to initiate sales in Europe, integrate their technology with third parties as well as advance the permit process in the US. You can read more about it here.

10 Caidio


“Founded in Otaniemi, Finland in 2018, Caidio develops AI-based software and IoT sensors that improve the quality management and efficiency of global concrete construction as well as reducing the environmental impact of the industry. By gathering and analyzing data from the concrete plant automation system, concrete truck systems, and the construction site, it is possible to identify potential quality issues in time and to ensure that the quality of the concrete remains optimal throughout the production and transport chain.” Caidio’s first product will optimize the cement amount in the concrete mix, which saves costs and reduces CO2 emissions in concrete production. Read more here at the Business Finland article. The company is in the process of raising EUR 250,000 of venture funding in a deal by Nordic Angel Program, AP Capital (Finland) and VLTH Consulting in November 2019.

11 Curious AI


“Curious AI builds easy to use tools for intelligent automation. Our AI solutions offer immediate savings over existing IT systems and processes. And the new intelligence unlocks completely new business opportunities for your organisation.”

“We call our solutions Digital co-workers. Components which understand and automate knowledge work tasks, one by one. CAI’s products are used in e.g. industrial and business process optimisation. The technology stems from our decades in AI research and software business. Our customers have chosen both fully integrated IT service solutions invisible to the enterprise end users, and AI software which interacts with the users.”

The company raised $3.67 million of seed funding in a deal led by Westcott in September 2017. Tekes, Lifeline Ventures, Invus, Data Collective, Jaan Tallinn and Westcott also participated in the round. Read more about its funding news here.

12 Cloudbounce


“Have your music mastered immediately during & after your creative process. CloudBounce is your mastering tool that is available 24/7 wherever you go.” The company joined Abbey Road Red in March 2016 and raised EUR 240,000 of venture funding led by Ascension Ventures and Pontus Stråhlman in December 2016. Read more about it here. The company also received an undisclosed amount of grant funding from Takes.

13 Collective Crunch


“At CollectiveCrunch, we are all about harnessing the power of technology in the world of natural resources. In both the forestry and energy industries, we are applying our unique AI solutions to make operations smoother, use resources more efficiently, and deliver insights more accurately. We call our AI platform ‘Linda’ — cool, calm and hassle-free. Data by itself can be fascinating, but not always useful. With CollectiveCrunch, we turn your data to your advantage.” The company raised EUR 600,000 of venture funding in a deal led by Thominvest Group in June 2019. Other undisclosed investors also participated in this round. Read more about it here.

14 Claned


“Claned is the easiest way to build learner-centric and cost-effective online courses that users love. Choosing Claned means you truly want to inspire learners and design their learning the Finnish way.We know how to boost learner engagement with social features, analytics and artificial intelligence. That is why you will succeed with us.” Previously, the company raised EUR 1.3 million of seed funding in a deal led by Cross Border Angels in April 2016. The company raised EUR 600,153 of angel funding via crowdfunding platform Invesdor in May 2016. Read more here.

15 Code Q


“Code-Q Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2013. We design and manufacture software related to speech recognition, speech synthesis and accessibility, as well as offering software consulting services. Our speech recognition platform is suitable for embedded systems and supports Finnish language among others.”

16 Dealsign


“Dealsign digitalizes the enterprise contracting process end-to-end, and is the only contract lifecycle management software providing unique real-time negotiation, visibility and collaboration features. Dealsign is a data-driven cloud solution where all contracts are stored in structured data format, enabling full-text search and provides instant access to contract data. Dealsign provides effortless end-to-end contracting workflows in one online application, no need to have various tools for contract creation, e-signing, archiving and contract lifecycle management.” You can request a demo here. The company joined Kiuas Accelerator as part of Accelerator Batch of 2019.

17 Disior


“Disior replaces blurry 2D images with intelligent 3D analytics software that turns medical images into numerical data. Images can be falsely interpreted, but numerical data is 100% unambiguous. It enables doctors to make better diagnoses and treatment decisions based on accurate, consistent and comparable data — something that traditional and soon-to-be outdated methods can never match.The company raised venture funding from Sontek and Maki.vc on an undisclosed date. Read more about it here.

18 Etsimo


“By leveraging AI on a platform built specifically for healthcare, Etsimo’s customers can quickly deploy digital solutions that fit into their service design, effectively making them an AI-first business in an instant. We offer a healthcare platform that leverages machine learning and robust health data to determine the patients’ condition, care-need and urgency, and optimal carepath”. The company raised venture funding from Exio Capital Partners on an undisclosed date. It also raised capital from Terveystalo in exchange for 20% equity. Read more about it here.

19 Elias Robot


“Elias Robot is a language learning app based on a voice user interface (VUI) and artificial intelligence (AI), which helps to practice languages and communication skills in a fun and engaging way. Elias has been developed by teachers and the method it uses is based on scientific research.” The company graduated from xEdu Accelerator’s Fall 2017 Program in 2017.

20 Front AI


“Front AI is a leading company specialized in AI based Service Bots understanding natural language and automating routine contacts in customer service. We help you to provide an automated 24/7 service for your customers.” Here you can download the 10 myths of AI in customer service created by Front AI. Their investors include Hippocras LP, funded by Kaikarhenni Oy/Leena Niemistö and European Angel Fund Finland, CapMan Growth -fund and Lifeline Ventures. The company raised EUR 500,000 of venture funding from CapMan and Lifeline Ventures on 2019. You can read more about it here.

21 GetJenny


“Jenny is a human-directed AI chatbot platform. It powers chatbots that automate robot-like conversations and tasks through an easy-to-use interface. Customer service teams can quickly and easily train, deploy and maintain Jenny chatbots without programming. Our mission is to help customer service people focus on tasks that require life experience by enabling companies to quickly and easily teach, deploy, and maintain human-directed AI to any communication channels without the need for programming.”

The company raised $2 million of seed funding in a deal led by Dubai Angel Investors and May Nasrallah on February 2019. Exio Capital Partners and Business Finland also participated in the round. The funds will be used by the company to continue its expansion across the Nordics and the MENA. Read more about it here.

22 Giosg


“Established in 2011, giosg is a software company that combines data and artificial intelligence (AI) with feature-rich technology to provide intuitive solutions that deliver the right online trigger, to the right person at the right time — allowing your organisation to operate smarter. ”

The company raised EUR 4.5 million of venture funding in a deal led by Varenne Investment on May 30, 2018. Zenith Venture Capital, Business Finland and Vendep Capital also participated in the round. The funds will be used to boost the company’s AI capability as well as to accelerate market penetration into the UK and Nordic market. Read more about it here.

23 Headai Ltd


“Extensive research work in cognitive science and AI combined with executive-level business intelligence has established the cornerstone of Headai business. Headai is developing General Semantic AI to enable secure, explainable and predictive decision making for labour markets, investment markets, education and training. Our current customers are e.g. governments & ministries, investment funds, global organizations, universities, educational institutes, corporates and private companies. Headai Ltd was founded by Harri Ketamo, Marko Laiho and Antti Koivisto in 2015.” The company raised venture funding from Aboa Venture Management on an undisclosed date.

24 Hurricaneunwinder


“Hurricane Unwinder combines scientific understanding of hurricanes with computer vision and IoT technologies. Our intensity forecast utilizes the full resolution of satellite images to improve on conventional, numerical weather forecasting technology. Our IoT measurement device that can be launched from an airplane, drone or balloon gives unprecedented accuracy of the turbulent flows within. Funded by Icebreaker.vc, Business Finland, IoTForge foundation and the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre. Awarded in the highly respected Copernicus Masters and Galileo Masters innovation competitions.”

The company is “Funded by Icebreaker.vc, Business Finland, IoTForge foundation and the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre. Awarded in the highly respected Copernicus Masters and Galileo Masters innovation competitions.”

25 IPRally


IPRally develops “the first AI that thinks like a patent professional”. “The IPRally engine contains three basic elements. First, a data model which represents how patent attorneys and examiners perceive things when drafting or examining patent applications. Second, the prosecution history of earlier real patent applications, i.e. how patent applications turned into patents (or not) and why. Third, a cutting edge neural network that learns the key logic of patenting using these. An intelligent search engine that thinks like a patent professional is born.” The company is backed by Icebreaker VC in 2018.

26 Inscripta


“Inscripta’s AI-powered speech recognition prepares dictations to a team of transcriptionists, which validate and verify the AI-processed transcriptions. This enables threefold transcription process efficiency.The technology is proprietary and language agnostic. The language model, which is especially geared up for medical lingo, improves itself automatically based on corrections and annotations. Inscripta’s technology has already surpassed its competitors, making it the most accurate in the market, approaching human parity.” The company raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Icebreaker VC on October 31, 2017.

27 Kirontech


“Kirontech platform uses AI and Machine Learning to detect FWA and errors in your data, on premises or in the cloud. The Developer API allows for system-level integration of live claim validation. As you submit claims via the REST API, the system responds with live alerts, line item level details and risk scoring. The information is templated and standardised, making for easy integration with in-house systems and processes.” The company raised $3.5 million of Series A venture funding from Y Ventures, Leap Ventures, B&Y Venture Partners and other undisclosed investors in June 2017.

28 Kodit


“Our goal is to bring you the quickest and simplest possible way to sell your home. The provider of the Kodit.io service is Homerun Technologies. We use algorithms and automation to build and maintain a housing data platform and services designed to make the process of buying and selling property significantly easier.”

The company raised venture funding in the form of convertible debt from All Iron Ventures on an undisclosed date. Previously, the company raised EUR 3 million of Series A venture funding from Schibsted, FJ Labs and Speedinvest in May 2019. Read more about the company’s story in the ArcticStartup article.

29 Klevu


The company’s mission is to “make most advanced site search and offer it in packages that are designed for every online store, no matter their budget or size! Klevu search was developed so that all online businesses can employ search technology that delivers an intuitive, responsive and enjoyable shopping experience for consumers.”

Klevu has completed the 5 M€ Series A round investment. This round of funding was led by EVLI Growth Partners with participation from current investors, Inventure and continuing angels — such as Jacob Dalborg and Jonas Dromberg — an exciting confirmation and belief in the values and growth of Klevu’s technology and team. Ari Korhonen, an experienced business angel, also invested in the round and will join the Board of Klevu. Read more about it here.

30 Kaiku Health


“Kaiku Health was founded in 2012 at Aalto University, Finland by five software developers deeply passionate about healthcare. Today Kaiku Health has grown into a company of 30+ in staff and our platform is in clinical routine use in over 60 clinics and hospitals all over Europe. With the help of its dedicated and growing team, driven customers and leading life sciences partners we keep on pursuing our vision: providing personalised digital health interventions for every cancer patient.”

The company raised EUR 4.4 million of Series A venture funding in a round led by Debiopharm Innovation Fund and Finnish Industry Investment in April 2018. Reaktor Ventures, Prodeko Ventures, Athensmed and Metsola Ventures also participated in the round. Read more about it here.

31 Klinik Healthcare Solutions


“Klinik AI was created to automate healthcare processes all the way from screening to cataloging symptoms and directing patients to an appropriate clinical pathway. Klinik provides state-of-the-art, intelligent digital solutions, rendering traditional approaches obsolete. The clinically proven Klinik AI integrates numerous medical databases with real medical cases and studies to make it unique and highly accurate.”

“Its AI solution is widely used in healthcare in UK NHS, Portugal public health and in Finland public health sector. Over 400 Health Centres use it as a primary channel for every patient to have an initial assessment about condition and urgency and to direct them to the right point of care.”

The company is to receive seven-figure funding in 2018. Read more about it here. Previously, the company raised EUR 470,000 of seed funding in a deal led by Kustaa Piha on November 2016. Takoa Invest, Gorilla Ventures, Pathena and other undisclosed investors also participated in the round. Tthe company joined Vertical Accelerator as part of its Spring 2016 Batch.

32 Lumoa.me


“Built from the ground up with AI, Lumoa helps you automatically generate, track and act on insights from your customers, employees and markets.” You can request a demo here. The company raised EUR 650,000 of seed funding in a deal led by Icebreaker VC on June 2018. Prodeko Ventures, Business Finland and Ali Omar also participated in the round. Read more here.

33 Meeshkan


“At Meeshkan, we build intuitive and accessible tools for the new generation of machine learning engineers. Tweak, test, learn. Build AI faster with Meeshkan. With the Meeshkan app, data science teams can train, test, and deploy ML models right from Slack. Meeshkan is free and can be installed into your Slack workspace in less than a minute.”

The company raised EUR 370,000 of venture funding from Futuristic VC, First Fellow Partners and Ali Omar on December 2018. The Nordic Web Ventures and Risto Siilasmaa also participated in this round. Read more about it here.

34 Myplus.care


“My+Care® pioneering technology generates and interprets data to deliver healthcare for the specific needs of the elderly and other vulnerable groups. Whether used in a care facility or by health professionals in a home setting, My+Care® monitors and assesses each patient’s health to expertly coordinate the optimal use of finite resources.”

“My+Care® provides an individually tailored end-to-end ecosystem of care that’s versatile and highly cost efficient. We empower caregivers to be more responsive and caring within a secure environment that supports each user’s interactive engagement and optimal independence.”

The company raised $1.5 million of angel funding from Kuus Invest, Viavan Oy and other undisclosed investors in August 2017. Read more about it here.

35 Mvision AI


“MVision’s automatic segmentation and contouring software use breakthrough deep learning technology to power its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. MVision’s AI team has an extensive background in building AI models and a commitment to using this technology to improve health care systems and patient outcomes. With AI-driven auto-contouring, you can save time and improve care simultaneously. Our software delivers high-quality contours while reducing treatment planning time by up to 40%.” The company raised EUR 1.5 million from Voima Ventures. Read more about it here.

36 Neuroeventlabs


The company “helps the doctor to see with AI seizure monitoring”. You can watch the explanation video here. The company raised an undisclosed amount of venture funding from Maki.vc in 2018. Read more here.

37 Selko.io


“Selko makes large engineering projects more effortless. It allows experts to spend less time on technical specifications and more time on interesting and productive tasks.” The company is backed by Icebreaker VC in 2017.

38 Speechly


“Our speech recognition technology seamlessly integrates the most important natural language processing functionalities so you can understand what your users mean in real-time.” The company raised EUR 2 million of venture funding from Cherry Ventures Management and Social Starts in July 2019. Read more about it here.

39 Sellforte


“Sellforte provides software to manage portfolios of discounts, promotions and sales campaigns. We combine the latest breakthroughs in data science with years of experience from working with leading retailers in the world. Our analytics yield long-lasting recommendations and immediate quick wins — typically over 10x returns within months.” The company raised EUR 300,000 of venture funding from Icebreaker VC in 2019.

40 Silo.ai


“Silo.AI builds artificial intelligence as a service. We’re a private AI lab that provides our customers access to the world’s leading AI experts and a full deployment infrastructure to build AI solutions of unprecedented value. Silo.AI democratizes AI and helps its customers become AI-first companies, transforming and creating new business using AI.” The company raised EUR 10 million of venture funding from Business Finland and other undisclosed venture investors in 2019. Read more about it here.

41 Sensible 4


“Sensible 4 provides a unique LiDAR-based software, built with state of the art sensor fusion — that make self-driving cars operate safely in all conditions, terrains and environments. The technology is truly one of a kind and brings several key benefits to the table. It allows vehicles to drive on unmarked roads and without landmarks for localization. And best of all, it has a vision that can penetrate through fog, rain and heavy snow.”

“Our software uses smart probabilistic 3D-mapping to create accurate predictions of the space around and allows the vehicle to see what is normally invisible to other self-driving cars. Our approach has been proven to be extremely accurate during repeated tests in the harsh winter conditions of Finnish Lapland.”

42 SkenarioLabs


“SkenarioLabs is an AI-driven real estate analytics company specialized in providing automated property valuation and technical risk assessments for both residential and commercial real estate. Our clients range from asset managers, property owners and financial institutions, just to name a few. The company is funded by innogy Innovation Hub and is expanding towards international markets.”

The company joined Colliers Proptech Accelerator and Techstars as part of the Class of 2019 and received $120,000 in funding. Previously, the company raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Fintech Fusion and Innogy Innovation Hub in January 2019. Read more about it here.

43 Scandicode


“Scandicode Oy (Ltd.) is a young Finnish start-up established in 2016 and funded in seed-investment round by Nestholma, Oulu Innovation and ELY-center. Cognition is how a person understands the world and acts in it, for tasks ranging from the simplest to the most complex. We assess cognition for elderly people such as learning, remembering, problem-solving, and paying attention. Our SIMO Cognitive-Assessment Product is an instrument of neurocognitive assessment with simulation-based software developed by Scandicode Oy (Ltd.) and installed to a multimedia device: such as Samsung Galaxy View tablet with or without a stylus pen (as an option for some of elder users to improve accuracy).”

44 Teqmine


“AI should become a natural co-worker at any R&D team or Patent Department, helping people to do their job better. Teqmine has been first to: Commercialize AI model of over 16 million full-text patents; Publish hierarchical clustering of large-scale patent collection; Introduce specialized ‘deepAI’ for specific technologies, such as’AI/ML’, ‘Cancer’, ‘LED’.” The company raised EUR 500,000 of venture funding from Teqventures and Tekes on April 2017. Read more about it here.

45 Talentadore


“Our solution is the Virtual Recruitment Assistant, a recruitment software that takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI). The solution helps companies enhance their employer brands by focusing on the candidate experience. It also streamlines the recruitment process and automates manual and repetitive tasks.” The company raised an undisclosed amount of venture funding from First Fellow Partners on December 2016.

46 TrademarkNow


“TrademarkNow provides an intelligent web-based trademark management platform that is used by enterprise companies, law firms and branding agencies for instant trademark search and watch results.” The company raised EUR 5 million of venture funding through a combination of debt and equity in October 2017. EUR 3 million of equity investment was provided by Karma Ventures, Balderton Capital and Montiko. A EUR 2 million in the form of loan was provided by Finnvera. Read more about it here.

47 Ultimate.ai


“Ultimate.ai automates your repetitive customer service cases and guides your agents with answer recommendations through complex tasks. Scale your team and improve CX with 24/7 multilingual customer support.” The company joined TechFounders in January 2019 as a part of its Batch 9 and received EUR 25,000 grant. The company raised $6.5 million of venture funding from HV Holtzbrinck Ventures and Maki.vc in November 2019. As a part of the transaction, Horizon 2020 provided a grant of $700,000. Read more about it here.

48 Valohai


“Valohai lets data scientists train models 10× faster by automating all cloud machine startup and shutdown, parallel hyperparameter tuning, and record keeping. It’s a 100% managed service that runs in your cloud or on premises with any framework, programming language or environment.”

The company joined Microsoft ScaleUp as a part of the Global ScaleUp Program in October 2018. Previously, the company raised $1.8 million of venture funding in a deal led by Superhero Capital in March 2018. The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Angular Ventures, Reaktor Ventures, and Business Finland also participated in the round. Read more about it here.

49 Veil.ai


“We are committed to safe-keeping individual privacy in big data analytics and machine learning applications. Maximum privacy protection and data utility. Our novel methods maximize anonymity while retaining the usefulness of the data. It is a novel, powerful approach to de-identify personal or otherwise sensitive data, facilitate sharing and analyzing data in low or zero-trust environments and ensure that neither anonymity nor data quality is compromised.” Read more about the company here.

50 Valossa


“Valossa provides unparalleled video recognition and content intelligence capabilities to capture new value of video. Valossa AI is a world-leading technology platform that enables a completely new generation of analytics and content profiling tools bringing forward new ways of monetizing video. Valossa’s vision is to develop an AI that understands video like a human does. The roots of the video AI company Valossa are in one of Europe’s leading computer science and AI labs at the University of Oulu in Finland. During the years in university research labs, the team had seen how the world moved beyond text, with video playing a greater role in our daily communication. This spawned an idea to use technology to automatically understand what we are viewing and apply the latest techniques to meet the emerging needs of content producers globally.”

The company raised $2 million of venture funding in a deal led by 01 Ventures in September 2017. Reaktor Ventures, Preon Capital Partners , Jari Ovaskainen, Butterfly Ventures and Jari Ovaskainen also participated in the round. Read more about it here.

51 Zen robotics


“ZenRobotics Ltd., founded in 2007, is a global leader in smart robotic recycling and the first company to apply AI-based sorting robots to a complex waste-sorting environment. Our robots, powered by our very own AI software, make recycling more efficient, accurate and profitable.” Previously, the company raised EUR 13 million. Read more about it here.

52 Zyfra


“Zyfra develops industrial digitalization technologies, invests in the corresponding products, and improves the Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence environment. Machinery, metallurgy, mining, oil & gas, and chemical enterprises represent the Company’s key fields of interest. Zyfra AI optimizes industrial processes using Deep Learning and numerical optimization methods. By applying cutting edge data science combined with industrial expertise, we provide end-to-end solutions for optimizing production speed, quality, and costs.” The company has acquired VIST Robotics for $30 million. Read more about it here.