Almost all businesses deal with texts: invoices, proposals, research papers, reports, resumes, job descriptions, emails, news, and other documents. Some of these text documents require processing, such as sorting, extracting and entering information into a database, evaluating for sentiment, and so on. According to Forbes Magazine, 84% of businesses still rely on some sort of manual data processing every day, and many of those tasks could be automated with the right technology. In this post I talk about various uses of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in business and how it could help automate manual text processing.

Most companies are in…

Natural Language Processing

I’m often asked, what is it that you do? When I mention the word NLP, frequently the next question is what is that? So here is a blog post that has both the short and the long versions of my answer.

Here is the short answer. NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. The “Natural” in Natural Language Processing refers human language in the human and computer languages dichotomy. “Processing” really means automated computer processing. In short, NLP is automated programs that try to understand or generate pieces of human language. NLP often uses AI techniques.


Here are some simple applications…

Using social media and customer reviews analysis it is possible to unlock insights present in the data.

Social media posts and reviews from review sites like Yelp are an important and powerful marketing and feedback tool for businesses. They are readily available on the Internet and provide customers’ opinions on different aspects of restaurants, car mechanics, cinemas, IT consulting firms, mobile apps, Internet hosting companies and every other kind of business out there. The data insights embedded in these customer messages are very informative, but are not readily available without further analysis.

Consider this review of Pomodoro, an Italian restaurant:

Don’t let the pizza parlor storefront or steep, narrow flight of stairs put you off, this place…

What are chatbots?

So what are chatbots all about? They are a general category of programs that interact with people via messaging or speech. Speech bots are Alexa, Siri, etc. In this post I will talk about messaging chatbots. Messaging chatbots use your favorite messaging platform: Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, Kik, etc. The program interacts with the platform users like any regular human: by sending and receiving messages. It might also have some additional capabilities, like reserving restaurant tables, buying tickets for concerts and calling taxis.

Chatbots have been gaining in popularity among all age groups: both millennials and baby boomers use them

Zhenya Antić

Exploring natural language processing.

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