With our latest v1.4.1 release, the Sia decentralized cloud storage network is ready for the next stage of adoption.

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The world is enamored by blockchain technology’s potential. When properly implemented, blockchains enable direct, trustless transactions between parties. They will ultimately allow us to make our marketplaces more efficient and competitive — saving us money, empowering individuals, and fostering innovation.

Bitcoin is the quintessential financial application of blockchain technology. Our current financial system is filled with fee-taking intermediaries like banks, credit cards, transfer agents, and lenders. …

How we continuously improve Obelisk’s processes to deliver better quality cryptocurrency mining hardware in less time.

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When we launched Obelisk in summer 2017, we were completely new to hardware — none of the team had ever mass-produced a hardware product. Today we’ve shipped over 7,000 ASIC miners for Siacoin and Decred, with another 3,500 shipping over the next few weeks. We also launched a sale for our next-generation miner, the Obelisk GRN1 for Grin.

Our team is very proud of our progress. 18 months after launch, we have developed a repeatable process for designing, manufacturing, and shipping thousands of miners to a worldwide customer base. …

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It’s been exactly one month since the previous Obelisk update, and we have a ton of progress updates to share. Notably, we expect to ship Batch 1 units in the first or second week of July. As we will explain below, this is mostly due to the chip delivery schedule.

Additionally, at this time we do not have any updates on unit hashrate. We do have updates on prototype chip testing, and we explain below how this may potentially affect unit hashrate.


Last month, we explained that our ASICs had to go through a metal spin to fix three chip layers, and that the timeline was therefore pushed back by several weeks. We are happy to report that TSMC has shipped out all our final production chips, and they are currently being packaged!


Zach Herbert

Nebulous COO, building Sia and Obelisk

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